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Clemson Football Podcast: Orange Bowl Preview

Clemson plays football in two days. The Pawcast discussed who's gonna win.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On New Years Eve, the Oklahoma Sooners and Clemson Tigers face off for their 5th all-time matchup, roughly 370 days since the 4th. The series is split two games apiece, and the Tigers hold a 2-game win streak.

While the advanced stats and college football writing community edge toward Clemson, the betting public and general sports pundits (Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, etc.) are all aboard the Sooner hype train.

During our Orange Bowl preview podcast, we set out to convince ourselves (and hopefully you) that Clemson's going to win this game. But make no mistake, Oklahoma's an incredibly capable opponent with few weaknesses and many ways to beat you. We just don't think they will, based on how Clemson matches up, and where the Tigers possess key advantages.

The game in the trenches, the turnover battle, and ball control are tired cliches for a reason. STS's chsmithjr has also outlined several key match-ups that will factor heavily. For my money, this one will come down to which QB can make enough plays. Acknowledging the skill of Baker Mayfield, we firmly place our faith and fortune in the hands of Deshaun Watson.

This team's 5th season goal — win the Bowl — is before us, and after that it's one more for the ultimate prize. Let's get this win, and pack the bus for Glendale.

You can stream the preview podcast below, but in case you're looking for more Orange Bowl discussion, don't miss any of our interviews:

Enjoy, and GO TIGERS!!!