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Clemson Football Podcast: Oklahoma's Chris Plank Interview

The Pawcast boys welcomed Chris Plank, Oklahoma broadcast personality, for a preview of the Orange Bowl matchup.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Despite heavy interest and what feels like eons separating the ACC Championship Game and the Orange Bowl kickoff, one is simply unable to build deep knowledge of an opponent in three and a half weeks, regardless of the number of posts read or YouTube clips watched.

This is where consulting experts can help fill in knowledge gaps, validate assumptions, and correct misconceptions.

Earlier in the break, Steven Godfrey (@38Godfrey) helped calibrate the Clemson Tigers' 2015 success and playoff chances through an objective, national lens. This week, we interviewed Oklahoma Sooners broadcasting jack-of-all-trades, Chris Plank (@PlankShow). I'd consider him more of a vocal OU cheerleader than a homer, and despite offering ample sunshine & daisies around the Sooners' capability (spoiler alert: Baker Mayfield features prominently), he was realistic about where Clemson can make its bones.

As we'll address in our forthcoming Orange Bowl preview podcast (I swear, we're not only an interview show!), on the surface Oklahoma and Clemson profile quite similarly. I came away from the Plank interview with a better sense for where OU's vulnerabilities lie, and where Clemson's coaches will have our hands full.

Enjoy the interview!