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Clemson Football Podcast: Quacking Tiger Interview

Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images

As much attention as we pay to, you know, actually winning football games on Saturdays, you really can't say enough about the importance of restocking the cupboard.

This is especially true for rising programs like the Clemson Tigers, who compete for talent among the elite on a player by player basis. The point is made even more clear when your best players depart early to play on Sundays. Competing for a national title annually comes down to depth and maintaining continuity of talent. Miss on a couple of signings, or fall behind early, and you'll pay for it years down the road.

Short of folks on the University's payroll, nobody's got as strong a sense for Clemson's recruiting pipeline as STS's own Quacking Tiger. We sat down with him for a check-in after the blockbuster December signings, and covered the names to know across position groups for 2016 and 2017.

With any recruiting discussion, keeping track of player details (name, position, star rating, HS system) and our pending depth chart can be a sport all its own. In addition to his deep knowledge and quick insights, Quacking Tiger always does a great job of level-setting for the reader and in this case, listener.

We hope you'll enjoy the interview, and hearing his thoughts on the Orange Bowl matchup.