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Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Bulldogs: Basketball Live Gamethread

Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson's disappointing out of conference schedule comes to a close tonight as the Tigers travel down to Athens, GA, to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. Despite the potential for a decent OOC record, Clemson has fallen to 7-4 with losses to Alabama and South Carolina among others.

This may represent Clemson's best opportunity for a win in the next 3 weeks. The ACC schedule is not kind to Clemson in January, games against UNC, Louisville, Syracuse, and FSU headline a rough start. Winning any of those games would be a surprise, especially with what we've seen. A loss tonight coupled with a poor January could see this season spiral out of control quickly.

While we've said before it is unlikely, a lost season could force the AD into firing Brad Brownell and paying the $5 million buyout. Maybe cleaning house with the new arena would give Clemson basketball a completely fresh start. Maybe not. Regardless tonight represents an opportunity to get a win and send Clemson into ACC play with an 8-4 record.