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Clemson Tigers vs South Carolina Gamecocks: Basketball Live Gamethread

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

After getting a solid win against Presbyterian earlier this week, Clemson will look to pull of the unlikely with a win over South Carolina. As poor as things have gone for Clemson the opposite has happened with South Carolina. Though the Gamecocks won't be thought of as world beaters, they have a solid squad this season and Clemson is definitely the underdog here.

Hopefully we can see some real fight from Clemson in this one. The out of conference schedule isn't going as many fans had hoped, but this is an opportunity to fight for a decent win. Plus beating South Carolina is always a nice point on a season resume.

The crowd will be interesting for this one. The game being in Greenville like means more South Carolina fans, and the fact that most Clemson students will be at home should hurt any potential home court advantage.

As always join us below in the live gamethread for this one.