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Clemson vs. Presbyterian: Live Gamethread

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

After a rather depressing and uninspiring loss to Alabama this weekend Clemson has an opportunity to pick up a win against Presbyterian this evening. The Blue Hose, heh such a fun and nonsensical nickname, travel up to Greenville in an attempt to beat an "ACC" basketball team.

The good news is Clemson has won 7 straight in this ancient series and despite the turmoil around the team should win an 8th straight.

For Clemson, this is one of those games that will set the tone for this season. A loss here likely causes a continued spiral that will only worsen with ACC play. But a win here may help stabilize the team ahead of a murderous ACC schedule in January.

This one is on ESPN3 and as always join us below in the live gamethread to discuss this one. Or lament how we don't play defense, or shoot jump shots, or do anything really.