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Clemson Loses College Cup Final to Stanford 4-0

Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

Clemson started off poorly when they let Stanford break down he right side. A low cross found US international Jordan Morris and he was able to bury the ball in the net past an oncoming Andrew Tarbell. From there the game really settled down with both teams becoming more confident, but unable to generate much offense.

Clemson did well to push the attack, but they were unable to break down a stout Stanford defense. It was discouraging to  see Clemson not moving the ball wide to try and spread out Stanford. The Cardinals did well to stay compact and stifle anything through the middle of the field. Iman Maffi did have one long range chance, but speculative would be a kind word for it.

Sadly that momentum was gone in the second half. Stanford started stronger and hit the post off of a deflected shot, but it was once again Jordan Morris that provided the goal for Stanford. The junior received a beautiful pass forward, split the center backs, and beat a sprawled Tarbell.

Clemson then committed a rather silly penalty whereI believe Paul Clowes ran into Jordan Morris in the corner. He didn't play the ball or even attempt to, he just took out Jordan Morris and Brandon Vincent put the penalty away for Stanford and that was the game. Of course to add insult to injury Stanford tacked on a 4th when Eric Verso just gallivanted forward through the Clemson defense and curled a beautiful shot into the net from 18 yards out.

Despite having more possession and being the better team for long stretches, Clemson just couldn't get anything going offensively. Stanford deserved to win by taking their chances and scoring while Clemson will be left to ask what if.  Next year will bring some changes with the loss of 5 players for Clemson including Paul Clowes and Kyle Fisher, but even then Clemson should be poised for a quality season.