A Primer on the Hatred of Syracuse

Why do we hate Syracuse? Oh man. There is so much to say here.

- Scott Shafer cussing out Dabo after Dabo goes for it on 4th down ("$%^& you, Dabo! You $%^#$%^!!! $^&^ you!!!"). He was mad about Dabo "running up the score" in the first half.

- Cuse fans claiming that their stadium is too loud, too hot, and too humid for us to play in. The way they claimed it was even more asinine, as if there were no other stadiums with heat, humidity, or noise. And it was in a pandering way too, as if they thought we had been playing flag football for our entire existence and we were about to experience the real thing.

- Many Cuse fans predicted victory in very obnoxious and outlandish ways. Their players also talk a ton of trash without ever being able to back it up. Seriously, they are 2-15 in their last 17 P5 games and the two wins are vs Wake Forest.

- They rattle their keys and think it’s God’s gift to football. Like no one else has ever done it before and our team won’t know what to do when it happens. "Ok guys, it’s second and 2. What do you think we should… wait a minute, what’s that sound? KEYS!?! Keys are my greatest weakness! I can’t even think anymore!"

- Cuse claimed their QB (Terrell Hunt) was better than ours (Tajh Boyd, he of the 55+ Clemson records), that their backs were as good as ours, and that their WR corps was as talented as ours. They cried for respect and fear when it was not and is not warranted.

-Syracuse has, on more than one occasion, had some pretty suspect "injuries" at very, shall we say, opportune times during games against a HUNH offense. Clemson fans/commentators called them out on it and they of course said it was all legit. It even came up in postgame pressers. When they pulled the same stunts in Death Valley last year, our fans booed. Of course, the Cusefans then took umbrage with our booing, and called it unsportsmanlike, rude, and uncivilized.

In general, Cuse fans are annoying, grandstanding, full of themselves, arrogant, shortsighted, opinionated and wrong. They haven’t been relevant in decades and yet they want people to be afraid of them, respect them, and genuflect to them. They are obnoxious, ornery, sour, and somehow aloof and uppity in spite of their program’s long time status as a cellar dweller. CuseFan loves to rant about how great their home field advantage is, what with the heat and the dome and the keys and the noise. He is always eager to "educate" you on football and why Syracuse is the pinnacle of the institution. "And really Cuse is a great team with solid talent, we’ve just been snakebit the last few seasons (decades). We’ll take our #4 over your #4 any day!"

There are so few redeeming qualities mitigating all this sludge that it has become a major theme on STS. I hope Cuse goes 0-12 every year and eventually gets booted from the league.

They’re like that scrawny little guy at the gym who swears up and down that he can dunk a basketball even though he’s 5’8" and can’t even palm it. Or that obnoxious guy at the driving range who offers EVERYONE tips on how to tweak their swing, and then he tees up and slices it into the woods every time. Or that annoying friend’s little brother who crashes your party and threatens to tell on you if you don’t let him stay. Or that washed up uncle who swears he was NFL material in high school and never really got his chance. Or that ornery know-it-all who starts all his sentences with "Well actually…" and proceeds to contradict you with misguided "facts" he read on the internet. Or that guy in junior high who totally almost made out with several of the hottest girls.

Or that lousy football program in God-forsaken western NY that everyone wants to forget about, but can’t because it keeps whining and throwing tantrums. I dare say even John Swofford will live to rue the day he let them in. Clearly he had never met a Cuse fan before, but I suppose there is always hope that he will repent and kick them back where they belong. To Cuse fans themselves I say this: the squeaky wheel may get the grease, but the consistently squeaky wheel gets replaced.

Also, this pretty much sums up the fanbase. (NSFW? for language):

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