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Clemson vs. South Carolina Football Q&A

Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we've all had a chance to pass out after Turkey Day, we have a special gift for you. The folks over at Garnet and Black Attack were kind enough to answer a few questions about Saturday's game for us. James from GABA sent these answers over to us and asked a few questions as well. You can see our answers here, and a big thanks to GABA for taking the time to answer our questions.

STS:  It has had to have been a difficult season to swallow, especially after the run from 2010 to 2013, but how optimistic are Gamecock fans about getting back on par with the Tigers in the near future?

GABA: We've definitely been let down by the players, coaches and most importantly Spurrier. Just to look back at the preseason and all the confidence Spurrier spoke with even with what was an obvious lack of talent and inexperience across the board. To just compare last year's disappointment with now, it's hard to accept the fact how much worse we are this year. To be 7-6 last year seems almost like a blessing at this point.

With all that said, I think many would think a rise back to prominence could happen just as fast as this fall has happened. But, that'll rely on who we get as the head man.  It's unfortunate to think this hire will define Ray Tanner's administration.

STS:  Is there concern among the Gamecock fans about having to hire "the guy after the guy" so to speak?  A great deal of USC's identity was Steve Spurrier and that huge poster on Williams Brice testifies to that.

GABA: I wouldn't say concern as much relief and anxiety. No one wants to see a guy come in and fail, clearly. But, looking back on it, no matter what Spurrier said in the process, I think all parties involved knew the end was near with him at the helm, it was just a matter of how long he could hang on to the success he had established. Which clearly didn't last long. It's almost better that his fall happened this fast instead of us middling around .500 for a couple years.

As far as the poster, it should've never had been hung. It's been a curse to our program. Spurrier's a legend, but that poster almost alienated him from the program. That said, I'd have completely different view points about that damn thing had we won with it up.

STS: What quarterback should the Tigers expect to see the most on Saturday?

GABA: With the exception of injury, Perry Orth will take most, if not all of the snaps Saturday. Which is kind of a shame if you ask me. Not because Perry isn't deserving of the position and the chance to start, but because one of the more highly touted guys can't separate himself from a walk-on. It's unsure if we'll see any of Nunez given he's missed on the play call when he was put in, so the coaches may have had enough of his mistakes even though he's got speed to be a threat out there. As for Connor Mitch, it's really unfortunate how his season ended up. He never got a chance to really get going and then he losses his job to a walk-on. If it were up to me, I'd have put him back in the starting role once healthy. The experience would've paid off for next year.

STS: What coaching candidate do fans seem most interested in and how have they reacted to the recent Herman rumors of taking himself out of the running?

GABA: It seems like the consensus around our site is Tom Herman. However, I'm not completely sold. Personally I'd like to see Kirby Smart leave Nick Saban and Alabama to come to Columbia. Sure, the last defensive mind to land his first head coaching job in the SEC East didn't work out, but Smart's the guy with the much needed recruiting ties to make the talent burst we saw from 2009-2013 a consistent thing.

STS: What will it take for the Gamecocks to pull off an upset of the ages on Saturday?

GABA: It'll take multiple Tiger turnovers and our offense to be able to capitalize off those turnovers with TD's. That and a career day from Brandon Wilds and a spectacular final performance from Pharoh Cooper. If both of those guys can put up ridiculous numbers and score touchdowns for our troubled offense, then maybe, just maybe, it'll stay close enough for something crazy to happen.

To be able to finish 4-8 would be the best thing to happen for this team all year and it would make us, envious fans, drunk with joy to spoil such a magical run it's been for the Tigers