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Clemson Football Podcast: South Carolina Preview (Part II)

Hot off the presses: the second installment of the Pawcast's South Carolina preview shows.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

In Part One of our Sakerlina preview series, we interviewed Chili and discussed Clemson's performance year-to-date, our prospects moving forward, and how we'll stack up with the Gamecocks.

In Part Two, we're pleased to share a more traditional episode, spanning a Wake recap, Mens' Basketball check-in, CFB scoreboard review from Week 12 and a look-ahead at week 13. This show's feature is how we feel about the rivalry matchup with a reeling South Carolina Gamecocks team.

Boasting a 3-8 record, interim coach and class act Shawn Elliott will helm his 5th and final game for the garnet & black on Saturday. Having just suffered a gut-punch home loss to the Citadel Bulldogs (did you hear, they play in the FCS?), he's unlikely to find respite when your #1 Clemson Tigers come to town.

With plenty still to play for — pride, an undefeated season, maintaining playoff pole position, Deshaun Watson's Heisman candidacy, the wandering eye of recruits — Clemson should show up dialed in and ready. They'll welcome back a handful of players who sat for Wake, who give an already superior group of talent an additional boost.

Vegas has Clemson by 17.5 on the road, and while rivalry weeks tend to confound projections, this one's a clear mismatch across the board.

For us at the Pawcast, this rivalry has varying personal meaning, but one thing is consistent: suffering through a 5-year losing streak, enduring a fanbase which doesn't respect itself, and seeing promising Clemson seasons derailed have produced a tough pill to swallow these past years. In the end, things have regressed to the mean. The streak is over, the HBC done skipped town, and our outmatched rival is back at square one.

They may play like one, but wounded animals are easier to catch, and still make for good eats.

Enjoy the show!