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Clemson Football Podcast: Wake Forest Preview

Clemson retained the top spot in the polls and playoff rankings, and hosts a young Wake Forest team in the final home game of the season.

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

This Saturday, a small senior class will descend the hill, and attempt to break the 2014 team's record for most career wins. Standing in their way are the Demon Deacons. This team, under 2nd year head coach Dave Clawson, isn't quite the Wake Forest that Clemson fans have come to expect, as the perennial doormat of the Atlantic since their surprising 11-2 season in 2006.

Clawson came to Wake after head coaching stints at Bowling Green and Richmond, where he re-energized the sport at both schools. Clawson has succeeded in recruiting at the periphery of the elite programs, and for now, this suits him in his new home; Wake posted its best recruiting class in school history in just his first full season on the trail.

While they've boosted their talent level, this team is incredibly young and might be a couple of years away from reaching its potential. A 2-QB system, a tested defense (coming off a tough road loss at Notre Dame), and a record-setting punter will greet the Tigers. As we discuss in this week's preview, we expect a definitive Clemson victory, fielding better talent and a home crowd to support them.

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