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Clemson Football Podcast: NC State Recap (8-0!)

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Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We're back with another episode of the Clemson Pawcast, in which we recapped Clemson's 56-41 victory over NC State.

Generally, a 97-point affair means defensive lapses all over the field, and we discussed whether this was an outlier performance against a tough offense, or a blueprint for success against Clemson's D. Fortunately, Deshaun Watson and the offense didn't miss a beat coming off the drubbing of Miami — who are suddenly a Coastal contender. Who wouldn't sign up for a rematch?

Despite some craziness elsewhere in the country, Clemson's spot in the national pecking order held steady in advance of the College Playoff Committee's first rankings, released this Tuesday. Strength-of-schedule also took a step forward as Notre Dame and Miami won against ranked opponents, and Florida State held their mid-teens ranking.

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Final note on the podcast: our intro's in the shop, so please bear with the cold open (and feel free to listen to a prior episode to get your 8-bit Tiger Rag fix). They're all available on our Soundcloud page.