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Want To Write For Shakin' The Southland?

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you that missed it in our game report, Kraken has decided to leave Shakin' the Southland for a new project. Ever since Kraken joined the staff after I put out a call in 2014 for new writers the site has been better off with his analysis. We are going to miss him here and wish him the very best.

Now with his departure comes a hole in our staff that needs to be replacing. While we have a range of talented guys on staff that know X's and O's, in order to continue all of our coverage I am looking to add some more football experts to the staff. This may be 1 person, or it could be several people, it all just depends on the interested candidates.

As for the ideal candidate, someone with football knowledge is preferable, specifically the ability to break down game film. Don't worry if you've never written anything before, we can work on that together. They point is to have that ability to diagnose a play, explain what went right or wrong, and highlight anything notable. The expectations for any candidate will be to write one article per week, with the SB Nation backend we can schedule posts so a candidate can write on his or her own time.

If you are interested in the position or just have more questions about the position, send me an email at