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Clemson Tigers vs. Syracuse Orange: Live Gamethread and How To Watch

Clemson will look to put the hammer down on a not so very good Syracuse side.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse is 3-6 and needs to win out to have any shot at a bowl game for this year, they seem unlikely to do so. For Clemson there are two goals today, win comfortably and get some reps for the backups. Clemson has played six straight games ahead of today and will play nine in a row before the ACC Championship. Getting the starters some rest this week would be pretty nice, especially at the LB position where we have such a dropoff in talent from Goodson and Boulware.

While we're at it maybe we can fix special teams coverage? Pretty please?

Make sure to drink your water if you're going to the game, I've heard it gets pretty hot up there. If you aren't going, join us below in the gamethread to talk about this one.