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ACC Breakdown: Clemson Holds #1 Ranking, North Carolina on the Verge of Clinching Coastal Division

This week's episode of ACC Breakdown with Mark Rogers focuses on Clemson and North Carolina. Does Clemson deserve the #1 ranking? What type of threat does UNC pose to them in a potential ACCCG matchup and how good are the Tar Heels anyway?

0:00 Intro - "One leg down in Dabo's Triple Crown..."
0:57 Justifying #1 Ranking
2:15 North Carolina's case, Coastal race
4:30 Marquise Williams and more Heels
7:15 Clemson's 4th quarter vs FSU
9:45 Clemson vs UNC
11:20 Clemons's home stretch
13:50 UNC's defensive improvment
14:35 ACC Week 11 Predictions