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Clemson Football Podcast: Georgia Tech Preview

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

We are back with another episode of the Clemson Pawcast. After last week's victory over Notre Dame, the group turns towards this week's opponent, Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets have had a difficult season, but with their option offense they always seem to give Clemson a hard time.

But this time Clemson has Deshaun Watson back and should be able to move the ball on Georgia Tech. Yes, Tech's defense is better, but the Tigers are still a better offense. On defense, Clemson just has to stop the dive and hit the QB over and over and over. Maybe hit the A and B backs too while we are at it.

Apologies for the sound quality, apparently the guys are still drying out from Saturday and it messed with the sound quality.

As always you can listen to the podcast below, check them out on the website, or subscribe on iTunes. Just search for Clemson Pawcast.