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Clemson Tigers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Live Gamethread, Team News, Online Streaming

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Evening kickoff, College GameDay, and one of the more storied programs in college football have all come to Clemson. For the Tigers it is an opportunity to get the first marquee win of the season. While the result may not matter in the quest for an ACC title, it absolutely matters if Clemson wants to go further. A win hear puts Clemson in the college football playoff conversation. There will still be plenty of hurdles in the coming weeks, but a victory tonight will be that first step.

As for the actual game, the one question on everyone's mind involves Deshaun Watson. The Louisville game was not great, and given the talent on Notre Dame Watson will need to show his amazing play from 2014, and not the average play we saw two weeks ago in Louisville. Even with a better than expected defense and a run game that has appeared competent and sometimes good, Watson will bring this team success or failure.