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Player Grades: Clemson at Miami

SPOILER: They're all really good

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Charone Peake, WR, Grad, A: Peake led the Tigers with 5 catches for 44 receiving yards. He also showed his physicality in multiple ways. He established some great blocking, especially on Deshaun Watson's 63-yard run. He also slung a Miami defensive back around who was trying to make an impressive tackle. Peake looked like the big kid on the playground as the defensive back hung off of him.

Kelly Bryant, QB, Freshman, A+: In his 4th quarter appearance, Bryan rattled off 5 carries for 59 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground. This included a 59 yard scurry for his first touchdown. His performance led to him being named "co-second string" QB along with Nick Shuessler, with a chance to earn the back up role this week in practice.

Offensive Line, A+: Clemson ran for 416 yards on the Canes. Of Clemson's 8 touchdowns (7 on offense), 6 were rushing touchdowns. 5 different Tigers found the end zone on the ground. Wayne Gallman broke the century mark with 118 yards, and Deshaun Watson was 2 away from it with 98 yards on the ground. A big part of that success was the OL.


Van Smith, S, Freshman, A+: Clemson's leading tackler came off the bench and got Clemson fans attention in a big way. He had 6 tackles, 1 for a loss, and a 33 yard interception in the 4th quarter to help set up a Clemson touchdown. This kid played lights out. Hopefully, this performance has earned him some more playing time during the remainder of the season

Richard Yeargin, DE, RS Freshman, A: 3 tackles and a sack for the young end out of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. He definitely showed that Clemson is very deep on the line. He was a presence in the backfield for most of his snaps. Like with Smith, look for him to start getting some more snaps.

Special Teams

Ammon Lakip, K, Senior, A+: Lakip kicked for 610 yards with 6 touchbacks. After an unsportsmanlike conduct on Miami following a Clemson touchdown moved the kickoff up, Lakip sent a kick flying into about the fourth row of seats in the end zone. Heck of a day for him.