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Player Grades: Boston College at Clemson

Who made the grade in Clemson's homecoming victory over Boston College

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports


Deshaun Watson, QB, Sophomore, B-: Two interceptions on the day were the low point for Deshaun, but he made up for those by throwing for 420 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also had a nice scrambling touchdown run on the day. He had a few missed connections that could be blamed on him overthrowing, but could also be blamed on the receiver. All in all, it was a solid day once he settled down. He was also named MVP of the O'Rouke-McFadden Trophy game, receiving the leather helmet.

Deon Cain, WR, Fresham, A: This kid is really starting to show out. He had probably the catch of the year when he showed great concentration, tipping a deflected pass back to himself to make a beautiful diving catch which set up a Greg Huegel field goal. He also took a 4th quarter pass 67 yards and was forced out of bounds just before reaching the end zone. It could be argued that he actually broke the plane of the of the end zone with the ball, but he was ruled out. The catch helped set up a Jordan Leggett touchdown two plays later.


BJ Goodson, LB, RS Senior, A-: It was a solid day for Goodson, who made his presence known in the BC backfield. He had one sack and two QB hits. He continues to have a great senior season and to make a big impact for the Tigers' defense.

Kevin Dodd, DE, RS Junior, A: Dodd continues to be one of the most pleasant surprises for this defense. He had 4 tackles, including 1 tackle for a loss. He also showed good ability to get down field and make tackles as well. I love the way he has been playing this year.

Special Teams

Greg Huegel, K, Freshman, A: Greg the Leg had another solid outing, going 2 for 2 on field goals—a 42-yarder and a 39-yarder. He also had one kickoff for 62 yards. Lakip has control over the kickoff job for now, but Huegel showed that he can come in and be effective if needed.