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“Horowitz Award for Accuracy” Week 7 Update

Who here at STS knows how to stand out with stellar prediction making?

Sometimes no matter what you do, you can't be wrong.
Sometimes no matter what you do, you can't be wrong.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you probably know how this works. If not you can click here for more of a refresher.

Let's dive right in to your predictions from the past few weeks and see how everybody did with them.  Again, the scoring system is largely based on level of difficulty.  Also, as usual, if by some reason I missed a prediction you made, just link it in the comment section and I'll make sure it gets in there next time.

Alright, here we go:

After studying film, I am less enamored with this Notre Dame team. Under normal conditions at
home, Clemson should win. The pouring rain and wind will neutralize Clemson's greatest
advantage (Watson vs the ND secondary), but I can't blame weather to change the outcome --
it should result in less points for both teams. Due to my faith in the Clemson defense and
concerns with the Clemson offense, I predict a lower-scoring game than most: Clemson 24, ND 20.

Alex Craft, 10/1/15

Excellent call, Spot on. 3 points

"Clemson will beat ND. (Same would have been true even if Zaire were healthy.)"

"I dare say, Clemson would have beat UVA pretty handily, and Notre Dame was damned
lucky to have escaped with a W."

by RazzMcTazz on Sep 13, 2015 | 5:11

Sound logic there. 2 points.

I'm going really bold for my next prediction

Watson completes a pass more than 20 yards downfield against GT

Studying in Dawg country but trying to spread Clemson cheer

by UGATiger on Oct 5, 2015 | 12:47 AM reply rec flag actions

Correct. Deep balls were back this week. Not a strong enough prediction for points here. 0 points.

Kraken MTD: Clemson wins by 20+. Spread right now is at 7.5 good guys. Some people might
be saying, "Argonaut, that's an easy prediction." Not so fast my friends! I predict I end up being a
contrarian due to most people on this site, like Razz and Ihate, saying this will be a close game
despite GT not looking so good so far due to the logically correct assumption of their scheme
making it closer than it should be. I say no and the Clemson offense finally works out its
frustrations and drops 40 on GT!

by The Argonaut on Oct 5, 2015 | 2:47 AM up reply rec flag actions

Incorrect. We won by 19 but we did drop the 40 points. Push. 0 points.

Yo Kraken, MTD

Gallman runs for at least 120 vs GT, Justin Thomas has under 50% completion, MacKensie Alexander
will have his first INT, and R2M3 scores a TD.

Probably submitted this to the wrong thread and now I look foolish.

by Emperor_of_Orange on Oct 5, 2015 | 12:58 AM reply rec flag actions

Incorrect, Gallman got 115. Correct, Thomas was below 50%. Incorrect, Alexander did not get a pick. -1 point overall.

Clemson beats GT 28-10

We'll finally work out some offensive kinks and get a few drives going for 3 tds...only to sit on the
ball in the second half. We'll get a fumble-six or pick-six as well. Fortunately the defense and
Venables have figured out the TO. MTD

Deshaun Watson: the first one-legged man to win a butt-kicking contest.

by mdlusk on Oct 5, 2015 | 7:44 AM reply rec flag actions

Incorrect on the score and not close enough for a push. Incorrect on the defensive TD.  -2 points.

I'm going for

Clemson wins 27-17 but we're frustrated the whole time. Also, Watson runs his patented QB
stutter draw no less than 3 times. We will also complete one long pass in the first half that will
lead to TD. We'll be happy. Think that Scelliot has his shit together . .. and watch us bleed clock.

Kracken MTD.

by Lawtonfunk on Oct 5, 2015 | 8:07 AM up reply rec flag actions

Incorrect on the score and not close enough for a push.  Watson ran a keeper at least 3 times.  Push.


Clemson gets at least 4 sacks and 6 tackles for loss against GA Tech.

Clemson rushes over 225 yards

Clemson has a receiver with over 100 yards receiving

GA Tech is held to 160 yards rushing or less

GA Tech is held to 150 yards passing or less

The Clemson Defense's strength is stopping the run (#1 in Rushing S&P+) while GA Tech is
decent at it (#34 in Rushing S&P+). GA Tech is efficient but not explosive. Clemson DT's win the
battle in the trenches, blow up the plays and disrupt their timing. They will resort to attacking the
middle of the field by passing to their running backs, trying to take advantage of over aggressive
LB's and mismatched Nickles. Fortunately they don't have a TE who is much of a receiving threat.
Mack, of course, shuts down whoever he plays against (30 yards or less) and Tankersley holds up

by redduppen on Oct 5, 2015 | 9:50 AM reply rec flag actions

2 sacks and 11 TFLs. Incorrect, 201 yards rushing. No WR over 100 yds. Correct, GT was under 160 yards rushing. Incorrect, GT was over 150 passing. -2 points overall.

MTD Kraken

BJ Goodson forces a fumble against GT and Clemson recovers

Clemson goes on to win by 3 touchdowns

Justin Thomas throws at least 1 pick in the 4th quarter, as GT has to pass to try to come back

by damedsz on Oct 5, 2015 | 11:11 AM reply rec flag actions

No Goodson fumble. CU wins by less than 3 TDs. JT did not throw a pick in the 4Q. -3 points.

MTD Kraken

Clemson gets revenge for last season and wins over GT by at least 14

Gallman breaks the 150 yard mark rushing vs GT

Defense holds GT under 275 yards of offense

by Tiger Diesel on Oct 5, 2015 | 1:42 PM reply rec flag actions

Correct, won by over 14. Gallman gets 115. 230 yards of total offense, correct. Very good. 2 points.

Oh god here I go again...

Clemson has 10+ TFL v. GT

DW4 goes for 270+ through the air with 3TD's and 40+ on the ground with a TD

Tay Scott scores on a pop pass jet sweep

Defense holds GT to under 260 yards of offense.

by Clemson Caniac on Oct 5, 2015 | 7:02 PM reply rec (1) flag actions

11 TFLs, yes. 265/16 for DW4, so nope. No pop pass TD. Yes sir, GT gets held to 230 yards. 1 point.

Kraken, MTD

Time to crawl out of the cellar in the Horowitz rankings (or create a new definition of the term

1) DW throws at least 2 downfield TD passes where the ball travels 15+ yards before its caught
against the bees.

2) Mac gets the first pick of his career OR holds his man to 0 targets/attempts all game.

3) Paul Johnson smirks (happily) on camera no more than 3 times during the game's broadcast.

by NoVATiger13 on Oct 8, 2015 | 1:26 PM reply rec flag actions

1 went that far, 1 didn't. Push. Incorrect, Mac was targeted and got a PBU. I don't judge smirks.  -1 point

The Aflac trivia question will be about John Heisman

by Dusky_Tiger on Oct 8, 2015 | 3:13 PM reply rec (6) flag actions

Good call and excellent job being first with that.  3 points.


1) Clemson beats GT by 10 or more.

2) Watson has over 400 yards of total offense. He looks better this game finally.

3) Baylor covers the spread of 45 against Kansas and has around 700 yards or more of offense.

4) TCU easily covers spread of 9

against K-state

5) northwestern, a 10 point dog to Michigan, gets the upset.

by Mr_C on Oct 10, 2015 | 8:03 AM reply rec flag actions

1 is correct. 2. Incorrect but did look better. 3.correct. 4.Incorrect, tough win. 5. Incorrect, Michigan wins easily. -2 points.

Kraken MTD

Give me:

NCSU +2.5  Incorrect

Clemson -7 Correct

UMD +33 Correct

WF +7.5 Correct

Ark +16.5 Correct

Wyo +23.5 Correct

ECU +8.5 Correct

Utah -7.5 Incorrect

WSU +17 Correct

Over 69 WKU/MTSU Correct

WKU -8 Correct

Tulsa -9.5 Correct

Miz +4 Incorrect

BSU -15.5 Correct

ND -14 Correct

by ufTiger on Oct 10, 2015 | 9:32 AM reply rec flag actions

That's the last one of those I'll accept. Pretty stellar performance though. 3 points.

Kraken MTD

Arkansas pulls the upset over bama

Studying in Dawg country but trying to spread Clemson cheer

by UGATiger on Oct 10, 2015 | 1:36 PM reply rec flag actions

Didn't happen. -1 point.

This (GT) is a game where I think we should see that part open back up and look more like the
passing attack Clemson is used to seeing.

I just feel Clemson is so superior on both lines of scrimmage that it will take some really
poor play on the Tigers' part to lose this one.

By C_Craft @cccoachcraft on Oct 9, 2015, 11:00a

Correct, 3 points.

I will do you one better...

... I think the Cards will take FSU and go 9-3...

... just my .02

by Sssjim7 on Sep 29, 2015 | 10:43 AM up reply rec flag actions

Comfortable win by FSU. -2 points

So far this season I've been a wimp

and have zero points in the Horowitz. Time to man up.

Kraken MTD - $wag Kelly has a meltdown and Ole Miss loses to Memphis this Saturday.

by flacct on Oct 14, 2015 | 10:30 AM reply rec (1) flag actions

You're right

I'll go with a temper tantrum on the sideline and the coach kicking him out of the game.

by flacct on Oct 14, 2015 | 1:23 PM up reply rec flag actions

No meltdown -1 point.  Memphis beat Ole Miss. 3 points.

Kraken MTD for our BC game:

1. a) Similar to FSU and our past two games, ScElliott, Watson, and co. engineer another TD drive on
the first offensive possession for Clemson
. On FSU's opening drive they were most successful when
they spread out their players and showed a lot of formations that Clemson regularly uses. I'm betting
on our coaches and Watson to take advantage of anything they can before BC adjusts.

1. b) I also believe Leggett will get the first receiving TD b/c he is a match-up problem for any team
that doesn't have Kearse at S.

2. DabScElliott will call a WR pass this game... because why not.

3. We will return a kickoff for a TD. (not sure who is back there other than Scott, seems like they
mix it up a lot)

by Schroedinger's Tiger on Oct 12, 2015 | 5:38 PM reply rec (1) flag actions

1.Incorrect on both. 2. Incorrect. 3.Incorrect.  -3 Points

ATTN: Kraken, Keeper of the Predictions

1. Clemson will hold BC to under 200 yards of offense and under 10 points

2. BC has only allowed 6 sacks thus far. Clemson will have 3 or more

3. BC doesn't cross midfield until the second half

4. Clemson scores 20+ before BC gets on the board

5. Gallman and Brooks split carries with Gallman getting 100+ and a TD and Brooks getting 60+ with a TD

by Clemson Caniac on Oct 12, 2015 | 5:53 PM reply rec flag actions

1.Incorrect 2.Incorrect 3.Incorrect 4.Incorrect 5. Incorrect. -5 points

Kraken MTD

I may have missed last week but I know these are gonna be right

Ohi State is tired of the talk surrounding and they go out and lose to Penn State to make
sure we all know they suck

Bama wins by at least three TDs vs TAMU

Studying in Dawg country but trying to spread Clemson cheer

by UGATiger on Oct 12, 2015 | 1:31 AM reply rec flag actions

Incorrect, OSU blew out PSU.  Close enough for a point there on Bama. -1 point

I'll stick my neck out again: MTD for BC

Here's how we'll stack up versus BC's average defensive and offensive stats:

BC Defensive stats:

Scoring: 7.2/g (17 or more points scored by us) Correct

Rushing: 41.7/g (100+ rushing by us) Correct

Passing: 98.7/g (200+ passing by us) Correct

Third Down conv.: 19% (38%+ by us) Incorrect

Passing TDs allowed all year: 1 (We get 2 or more) Push

BC's Offensive stats:

Scoring: 20.7/g (13 or less points allowed by us) Incorrect

Rushing: 214/g (Less than 175 yards allowed by us) Correct

Passing: 109/g (Less than 100 yards allowed by us) Correct

Third Down conv.: 37.1% (We hold them to 25% or less) Correct

Passing TDs this year: 5 (We hold them to 0) Incorrect

by NoVATiger13 on Oct 12, 2015 | 6:11 PM reply rec flag actions

3 points overall

On that second one, your UGA bias is getting in the way of
your brain.

Kraken, MTD. TAMU beats Bama straight up.

by ufTiger on Oct 12, 2015 | 7:42 AM up reply rec flag actions

Bama by 18. -2 points

MTD Kraken

Peake grabs a TD and 100 yards receiving against BC this weekend.

by reesem37 on Oct 12, 2015 | 4:09 PM reply rec flag actions

33/0. Incorrect. -2 points

BC doesn't score a TD on our defense. MTD

by cfurlong on Oct 12, 2015 | 8:01 PM reply rec flag actions

Incorrect. They got 2. -2 points.

Oh yeah...

I got Cain with a TD. And umm...over 60 yards. (Hopefully Kraken only sees this if I am right...haha)

by QuackingTiger on Oct 12, 2015 | 5:10 PM up reply rec flag actions

1 correct and 1 incorrect. Push.

I'll get in on the action

Kraken MTD: BC scores 3 or fewer points and is held under 185 yards of offense.

by Koozie on Oct 12, 2015 | 8:33 PM up reply rec flag actions

Incorrect on both. - 2 points

RE: let down

Meh. I don't see it. BC is a 16.5 point underdog for a reason. They may only give up 17 points to
us, but we might cover the spread in that scenario. Also, we are playing at home. Most major
let downs happen on the road.

Let's not forget that this team just lost to Wake Forest (Pause to let that sink in...Wake. Forest.
By a final score of 3-0). Even if we have a let down, we will dominate them. They don't have the
playmakers on offense to put anything like points up against our defense. For your worries to
come to fruition, we would have to not only fail completely offensively, but also gift them some
big plays, turnovers, and defensive scores. I just don't see that happening. Sure they might get a
few scores here and there the way GT did. But our defense will not give up more than 20 to them,
and I like our chances of scoring 30+.

Kraken, MTD: BC scores between 10 and 20 while Clemson scores 30+.

by tigertastic on Oct 14, 2015 | 12:27 PM up reply rec flag actions

Nailed it... and ambitiously correct against the conventional logic. 5 points altogether.

Prediction Kraken: MTD!

Field goals reign supreme against BC due to BC's D and conservative play calling. Clemson successfully
converts at least 4 field goals against BC.

by The Argonaut on Oct 14, 2015 | 8:38 PM up reply rec flag actions

Incorrect. Just 2 FGs. -1 point.

Good question.

I say if the first kick is from the left hash, it's definitely Heugel. You can MTD if you want.
Beyond that, I'm really not sure. It looks like a pretty even battle to me.

by The Argonaut on Oct 15, 2015 | 8:35 AM up reply rec flag actions

Correct. 1 point.

I doubt it if BC breaks double digits against our defense

their offense is ridiculously bad, like ranked 100+ in almost every category. I think even our
#2's can hold that offense in check.

And I dont realy think we get out of the 20's vs their defense. Especially knowing that ScElliot
will get uber conservative with a 17 point lead.

by IhateUSuC on Oct 14, 2015 | 12:29 PM up reply rec (1) flag actions

Incorrect on both. Broke double digits and scored on the #2s. Scored 34 and ScElliot was not conservative. -2 points

My MTD this week

Would be that Southern Cal is going to knock off Notre Dame this weekend.

by clemsonswag on Oct 14, 2015 | 10:46 AM reply rec flag actions

Incorrect. -1 point

I'm actually hoping we run right at them... just not the whole
game (that would be a poor game plan)

I'm looking forward to seeing if our OL can continue to get some push and make holes for Gallman.
BC hasn't given up more than 56 yards to back this season. They were fairly effective against UL and
ND, both of which have stout fronts.

If Gallman continues at his 5+ ypc against BC, I'm going to have some serious optimism about our offense
going forward. The more success he has, the more opposing teams will have to honor it... which in turn
means more and more opportunities for Watson and co.

MTD Kraken - Gallman's streak of 100+ rushing continues on Saturday!

by SolidOrangeArchitect on Oct 15, 2015 | 9:25 AM up reply rec (1) flag actions

Incorrect. -1 point

My first and probably last MTD

Am I confident in this? No. Is there any legit reason why I think this will happen? Absolutely not...
but what the hell.

We will score in 4 different fashions:

Running TD, Passing TD, a defensive TD, and a special teams TD.

by wrw311 on Oct 15, 2015 | 11:16 AM reply rec flag actions

Incorrect. -1 point

Kraken, MTD

Time to get back into the mix:

Clemson scores on their first offensive drive

Clemson's defense outscores BCs offense.

Clemson scores on a jet sweep.

Clemson runs a jet sweep on the first offensive drive

by Kurtlikevonnegut on Oct 15, 2015 | 9:47 AM reply rec flag actions

Incorrect on all 4 accounts. -4 points

Kraken I'm copying and pasting my MTD from a couple of days
ago because I think you missed it

MTD Kraken

Clemson covers the 16 against BC, the game goes over the 36.5 vegas is currently laying, and a backup RB
scores a touchdown.

by PenthouseTiger on Oct 13, 2015 | 7:36 AM reply 1 recs flag

Correct on all three accounts. 4 points.

Is their defense REALLY that good??

Aside from FSU (who's offense is shaky at best) they haven't really played anyone... and even
with FSU, they completely sold out to stop Cook (as should any team), and Golson has been
average all year. I'm not convinced. Kraken, MTD... Clemson Offense scores 5+ TDS

by RockdaleTiger on Oct 15, 2015 | 1:33 PM reply rec flag actions

CU scored 4 TDs.  Incorrect. -1 point.


Clemson scores at least 30 on the #1 D in the land but allows BC a BS TD.

We need to tighten things up before FSU. If we give them as many points as we gave GA Tech
our boys will be watching the ACC championship on TV.

by GGrantor on Oct 16, 2015 | 5:06 AM reply rec flag actions

We got 30 points. Not sure what a BS TD means. Push on that one. 3 points.

Great respect for BC's D

Going with D'Arve21's prediction. Their D unit has pride and is very good - every year. I think CU will
have more offensive rhythm and balance than FSU, but don't I don't see CU dropping 30+. I think special
teams and turnovers will humble CU a bit. I think this plays out like Louisville, but with CU displaying more offense. Final score is 27-6.

by Ksuriano on Oct 16, 2015 | 3:43 PM up reply rec flag actions

We dropped 30+. Incorrect. Turnovers humbled us a bit. Push.

Kraken...I put forth the question of O/U 21 to the BC fans
and all of them have said under so far, with 17, 10 given as
point totals for Clemson so far.

Please MTD, Clemson scores 30+

by tmac9wr on Oct 15, 2015 | 10:25 PM up reply rec (1) flag actions

Correct and ballsy. 3 points.

Penultimate Prediction Presentation (Kraken MTD)

GT: Venables manages to out game plan CPJ 35-17

BC: Addazio channels a punishing run game, but Clemson pulls out a solid win 35-24


LSU: Les Miles debuts a revolutionary new formation that replaces the quarterback position with
another lineman. Fournette proceeds to gash Carolina, to the tune or 35-17

Vandy: Shows up ready to play in their super bowl, and USC just manages to escape with a win.
27-24 OT

by MisterWorst on Aug 5, 2015 | 10:32 PM reply rec (6) flag actions

Correct on all accounts for 1 point each.  4 points.

haha I predict half of this to be true

And I think Joe Gore is still starting the BC game

by The Argonaut on Aug 5, 2015 | 11:46 PM up reply rec flag actions

Correct and way early. 3 points.

After all that, let's take a look at the standings.

"Horowitz Award" Standings
Points Name
9 tigertastic
8 QuackingTiger
4 Mister Worst                      
4 Tiger Diesel
3 MetalTiger
3 Ryan Kantor               
3 Schroedinger's Tiger
3 TheArgonaut
3 Dusky_Tiger
3 tmac9wr
2 Alex Craft
2 andyedds
2 ggggmen08
2 mdlusk
2 The Kraken
2 flacct
1 ArchimedesScrew
1 cfurlong
1 GGrantor
1 ufTiger
1 UGATiger
0 C_Craft
0 RazzMcTazz
0 redduppen
0 scgreatest803
0 Ksuriano
-1 Kurtlikevonnegut
-1 Mr_C
-1 PenthouseTiger    
-1 Tomahawker
-1 Emperor_of_Orange
-1 clemsonswag
-1 SolidOrangeArchitect
-1 wrw311
-1 RockdaleTiger
-2 Lawtonfunk
-2 sradvan
-2 Sssjim7
-2 reesem37
-2 Koozie
-2 IhateUSuC
-3 cualum2012
-4 5knklshfl                  
-4 NoVATiger13
-5 philosotiger
-6 ClemsonCaniac
-6 damedsz
-10 CU1993

We have a new leader. Congratulations to tigertastic who has, at least for the time being, pulled into lead dog position.  QT, the former leader, is holding strong in 2nd with a 4 point lead over 3rd place posters Mister Worst and Tiger Diesel.

CU1993 is still dragging the bottom by a sizeable margin. By the way, I'm still taking nominations for the name of the award for last place. So far we have: "The Syracuse," "The Spence," "The Orangeman," and "The Literate Coot" as nominations.

And don't look now but, Penthouse Tiger has climbed all the way back to mediocrity.  Now that he's out of the cellar, can he avoid getting a big head and going prediction crazy?

We added a lot of new folks to the list this week and we also had several of you move from negative territory to positive territory as well.  Keep your hand on your back and keep gloating at the bar...or something like that.