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Clemson vs. Boston College: How to Watch

If you can't make it to Death Valley this weekend, here's how you can watch the Tigers from the comfort of your own recliner.

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The Tigers finally let Deshaun throw the ball around a little last week against GT, and we're all a little happier for it. It felt good to come out and put it to the nerds a little. The game was far from flawless, but it was a comfortable, dominating win nonetheless. If this team is playing with a chip on its collective shoulder as big as the one Dabo seems to be carrying around, then we should see these types of dominating performances for the next few weeks. If this team is getting better each week, as they appear to be doing, then Florida State, South Carolina, the Coastal Division champ, and whoever we see in the CFP better look out. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. One game at a time, fellas.

Boston College at #5 Clemson

Kickoff at 7:00pm EST


It's going to be sad not having the Head Ball Coach on the sidelines anymore. I was a big Spurrier fan back in the 90s. I loved his Fun 'n Gun style of offense. I also loved the "Orange Crush" that South Carolina had to endure every year, with Florida, Tennessee, and Clemson usually near the end of the schedule. And the man knew how to push people's buttons. The crap he gave Phillip Fulmer and the UT faithful was legendary. I hate that he had our number for so long, but I have to admit that he added new life to rivalry. Though many thought the banter between him and Dabo was childish, I appreciated seeing the head coaches participate in the rivalry, instead of trying to rise above it and pretend like it didn't matter. Spurrier, in his own words, was a great "offensive mastermind," and a rhetorical wizard. I'll miss him. But, the games must go on. Here are the other games I'm counting on to get me through the day until the Tigers play:

#17 Iowa at #20 Northwestern

Kickoff at 12:00pm EST


A riveting B1G matchup. (Eye roll) It's the only game featuring ranked opponents in the first wave of kickoffs Saturday. Northwestern was violently brought down to earth by Michigan last week. We'll see if they can pick themselves up and come back strong this week. For Iowa, this is more than likely their last game against a ranked opponent all year. With no scary opponents, and Maryland, Purdue, and Nebraska all still on the schedule, it seems more and more possible that Iowa could get through the regular season undefeated. What kind of topsy turvy world are we living in? Iowa 24 - NW 17

Louisville at #11 Florida State

Kickoff at 12:00pm EST


I'm hearing a lot of quiet talk about Florida State being on upset alert against the Cardinals. Like many on STS, I'm a fan of Louisville, both the city and the university, and always hope they do well when they're not playing us. However, I'm having a hard time seeing a victory for the Cards here. FSU is a lot like LSU to me in that as long as their star RB is healthy, I will expect them to win. Golson has looked good, but Cook is the engine of this year's FSU offense. UofL's defense may be able to hold him in check for a while, but they won't stop him completely. Plus, UofL just doesn't seem to have things figured out on the offensive side of the ball yet. FSU 34 - UofL 20

#10 Alabama at #9 Texas A&M

Kickoff at 3:30pm EST


Another clash of styles, with Bama's grind it out running game and physical defense against the Aggies Playstation offense. Kyle Allen has looked surprisingly good this year. With the potential they have to score, if their defense continues to hold opponents to ~20ppg, it'll be hard to beat them. Alabama, even with one loss, still seems like one of the top teams in the country to me. I still argue that the Ole Miss loss was a bit fluky and that the UGA beatdown is more indicative of this team's talent. That being said, Ole Miss's passing game was what gave Bama fits, so maybe Texas A&M can take advantage of the same weaknesses? With the 12th man behind them, I think the Aggies come out on top. A&M 37 - Bama 24

#7 Michigan State at #12 Michigan

Kickoff at 3:30pm EST


The regular season is really starting to get good now. Look at all these great games! Mich St. hasn't been blowing people away this year. They're normally stout defense has been giving up some points, but they've continued to rack up wins. Their signature win, against Oregon, doesn't look as good now as it did early in the season. Michigan, on the other hand, has looked better each week. They just blanked a ranked NW team last week, for whatever that's worth, and their one loss is to my favorite underdog, the top ten Utah Utes. This could be a big statement game for Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines. It's also a chance for Sparty to show that they're for real. Who will step up into the spotlight to take the mantle of top contender to Ohio St in the B1G? My head says that Michigan can't "be back" this quickly, but I'm going with my gut on this one. Mich 31 - Mich St 27

#8 Florida at #6 LSU

Kickoff at 7:00pm EST


I've said it once in this post already, but I expect LSU to win every game that Leonard Fournette suits up for. I know it's rare for a single player, even a Heisman front-runner, to be able to carry his team single-handedly. I know their lack of a passing game will eventually come back to bite them. I know their defense isn't quite as nasty as it has been over the past decade or so. I know. But Fournette. I believed LSU would win before the Will Grier suspension, and the suspension only strengthens that feeling. Like Michigan, it's hard to believe Florida is "back" already. They may be further along than I'm giving them credit for, but, again, Fournette. LSU 30 - UF 20