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Boston College at Clemson Preview: Q&A with BC Interruption

As we prepare to close out a three game home stand, we preview the Battle for the O'Rourke-McFadden Trophy by speaking with AJ Black of BC Interruption.

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We're fortunate to be joined by AJ Black from BC Interruption. A big thanks to him for answering our questions about the BC Eagles and what to expect this weekend.

STS: Shakin the Southland
BCI: BC Interruption

STS: After losing Watson last season, Tiger fans can commiserate with a team missing their starting QB. How much has the Darius Wade injury hurt your offense? What does the current QB situation look like? Is Wade likely to be the starter next season?

BCI: I believe that losing Wade was a big blow for the Eagles, as he had been groomed to be the starter for the past eight months. BC fans didn't get to see much out of Wade because they held him out of most of the Howard game, and when he played against Maine the offensive line was a complete mess, He was ineffective against FSU prior to leaving with injury. I believe if he was around right now, BC's offense would be better, to what degree is hard to speculate but it couldn't be any worse.

Right now, Boston College is running out two quarterbacks, Troy Flutie (nephew of Doug), and Jeff Smith. Neither of whom have been effective and are prone to mistakes. Flutie is much more of a drop back passer, but he hasn't been very accurate to start the season. Smith runs the option, but he too looks lost at times.

Wade probably will be the starter again for BC in 2016, but look to true freshman Anthony Brown as a possibility. He is enrolling early, and could be the most polished out of the bunch, coming straight out of high school that is saying a lot.

STS: Because Maine and Howard are both FCS schools, Boston College will need four more wins to make a bowl. Is that reasonable? If not, what do you look for as a fan and hope to build on?

BCI: I think most BC fans have resigned themselves to the fact that we are probably not bowling this season, especially after losing to Wake Forest. At this point BC fans want to see the defense continue to dominate and to see some sort of pulse from the offense. Maybe a win against a bigger opponent would be a big lift as well. 

STS: What do you see ahead for the BC Eagles football program?

BCI: I think BC will probably replace their offensive coordinator sometime before the start of next season. Todd Fitch clearly isn't cutting it as the offense looks completely lost, and Steve Addazio needs a strong offensive coordinator to manage the game for him.

Next season is going to be a huge year for BC. They need to make a move in the ACC. Addazio's first few recruiting classes will start to be upper classmen and they will have the weapons on both sides of the ball. If BC doesn't get 8-9 wins in 2016, there will be a lot of concern about the future of the program.

STS: Last week, the Eagles lost to Wake Forest. Can you give us some context as to how bad that loss was and where it puts this team. More specifically, can this BC team give the Tigers fits like they have for the last two years, or should Clemson fans expect an opponent more along the lines of Wofford or Appalachian State?

BCI: No, we are not like Wofford or App State, maybe the offense is at this point, but you are going to face one of the best defenses in the country. BC lost to Wake Forest for a few reasons, one because our offense can't move the all, and two because the coaching staff doesn't seem to have a direction with the offense.

On one side of the ball you have Don Brown's defense, flying around the field (mind you they held FSU to 7 points, Duke to 9), and on the other an offense that has scored one touchdown in three ACC matchups. If Clemson can score points, BC will have no answer. I know Clemson has an electric offense, so it should be a really fun matchup.