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Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: How To Watch, Live Gamethread

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This one is all about 2 things, avoiding a let down and getting some revenge. Last year's loss to Georgia Tech was disappointing and depressing. Even with Deshaun Watson going down to a knee injury the Tigers still should have won. Two pick-6's and an inability to move the ball on offense killed us. Today is about a little revenge. Today it is hopefully about Watson returning to his 2014 form and slinging the ball around the field.

On defense, the goal is always the same. Stay with your assignment, play disciplined football, and hit the QB every time. This is not the 2014 GT team, and Clemson's quality defense should handle them.

Finally this game is about showing everyone that there is no emotional let down after last week. Beating Notre Dame was big, but today the only thing that matters is beating GT. Losing today would be a mental failure, not a talent or scheme failure.

As always join us in the gamethread below.