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How Hard Can it Be?

Analyzing the strange nature of NFL scouting, especially in regards to Clemson guys.

Grown Ass Men
Grown Ass Men
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

I thought I would take a little break from basketball coverage to rant a bit about NFL scouting in light of the Senior Bowl workouts.  The main thing that I've taken away from watching NFL Network coverage and reading articles is that I wonder what the NFL scouts are really doing these days.

The fact that folks have been "surprised" at what Stephone Anthony and Grady Jarrett have done makes me wonder what planet these folks have been on the last two years.  We've been treated to such jems as hearing that Jarrett has "great quickness off the snap" and Anthony "can really run and hit."  Do these guys watch film at all?  Do they attend games at all?  Those points have been proven time and again the last two seasons plus from facing some top level folks at times.  Were Jarrett and Anthony not dominant forces against an Ohio State line full of NFL prospects, the Big 10 POY at QB, and a stud NFL running back?  Did Jarrett not nearly eliminate the inside run game of UGA for two seasons against some of the best OL and RB in college football?  Ask that Oklahoma front that mowed people over in the run game all year what dealing with Grady was like.

Somebody is going to like what they get when they draft these two guys now that it appears folks are actually paying some semblance of attention.  The Tiger defense was that good for a reason, and the reason is some stud talent.  The biggest factor isn't the height, speed, or whatever as much as it is the MOTOR.  How many lazy dudes with big time measurables have practically stolen money in the league over the years?  I wasn't shocked when I saw a guy like Luke Kuechly blow up in the NFL because his motor was on another level at Boston College.

Perhaps my biggest praise of the current regime at Clemson would be how guys are producing post-Clemson.  Guys are making impacts from first round picks down to undrafted free agents because a true work ethic has been instilled (or fostered from what was already there).  Dwayne Allen comes to mind.  He slipped on draft boards due to a slow 40 at the combine despite loads of dominant film.  His quote then was something along the lines of "I'm not a track star, I'm a football player."  Now he's one of the most complete tight ends in the NFL as a blocker and a receiver.  Jarrett and Anthony (and a few others from this senior class as well) are no doubt going to join that group soon.

As for the scouts, I just keep coming back to this clip:

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