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Tuesday News and Links

A weekly roundup of Clemson sports related news and links

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the news and links here are a few thoughts from Saturday's beatdown of SC State.

1. I am now officially on the 'start Deshaun Watson' bandwagon. Until Saturday's game, I was with the minority in supporting keeping Cole Stoudt as the quarterback, but now I have changed my course. No disrespect to Stoudt, but it is obvious the offense functions better when Watson is under center. Stoudt is still a solid QB, but Clemson has not had a talent like Watson in many years. I almost feel bad for Stoudt, honestly. He is taking over for fan favorite and one of Clemson's best quarterbacks of all time in Tajh Boyd, while having the most highly touted quarterback recruit by Clemson nipping at his heels for playing time.

2. The coaching staff needs to stop being hard headed about playing experience over talent. We saw glimpses of how talented some of our freshman offensive skill players are. Artavis Scott had a record breaking day while Wayne Gallman and Adam Choice showed their potential. Demarre Kitt also showed his potential. Its time for Gallman and Choice to get more touches at running back while DJ Howard gets less. Its also time for Scott and Kitt to get more snaps, even though we do have a lot of depth at wide receiver.

Now onto the news and links.....

Hold the drama: Clemson's Swinney says Stoudt, not Watson, 23rd-ranked Tigers QB starter | Fox News

Despite restlessness from the Tiger faithful, it looks like Stoudt will remain the starter. This isn't terrible news but the coaching staff NEEDS to figure out a way to get Deshaun Watson more snaps. If they figure this two quarterback system out properly, this could be huge for our offense. Like most coaches, Dabo is not trying to please the fans, he is doing what he believes is best for the team, even if we all disagree. If Chad Morris is going to properly run a two QB system, he should look to LSU for how to properly run it as they have had success with it in the past.

Clemson finds new assistant coach to replace Earl Grant | CollegeBasketballTalk

As to be expected this was a relatively underwhelming hire for the Basketball program. Although, Richie Riley has been lauded as one of the up and coming basketball coaches in the nation and has also been lauded for his recruiting. Many were hoping that James Johnson would be the hire here as he was announced as a candidate last week to replace Earl Grant. James Johnson would have been a great hire for the Tigers, as he was hired briefly by the Tigers a few years before becoming the Head Coach at Virginia Tech. Let's see if this under the radar move will pay dividends for a rising basketball program.

Scott Named ACC WR of Week - Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

Artavis Scott broke Sammy Watkins' record set in 2011 for most receiving yards by a freshman in a game. Scott was phenomenal on Saturday and looked like he should be starting over Humphries in the receiving lineup. I look for Scott to be a special one for the Tigers for years to come. I think the 'Watson to Scott' passing game duo is something we can get used to.

FSU vs. Clemson is set for prime-time slot on ABC - Orlando Sentinel

Let's hope the result isn't the same as last year..... Now we all know what we will all be doing next Saturday night. The significant downside to this is that we won't be hearing Brent Musburger do these types of games anymore. I personally think Brent Musburger is a great announcer and it was a crime for ESPN to try to over glorify the SEC and put him around a bunch of mediocre at best talent on the SEC Network. We are now going to have to listen to Chris Fowler and, while he isn't terrible, he is no Brent Musburger. He will be calling this game when he should really only be the College Gameday host. ESPN downgraded itself in a big way with replacing Musburger with Fowler on primetime games. I honestly believe ESPN is on its way to self-destructing and this move only expedited it.

RECAP - Tigers in the Summer Leagues - Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

For those still passionate about Clemson Baseball, you will find this interesting. It is good to see some players who we expect will be key to the Team this year have good summer seasons. Now lets see if this production will translate to better fundamental baseball this coming season.