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Poll Problems: Week 2

We take a look at the top 25 each week to see what the voters got right and what they got terribly wrong.

Virginia Tech went from unranked to No. 17 after upsetting Ohio State.
Virginia Tech went from unranked to No. 17 after upsetting Ohio State.
Jamie Sabau

Clemson held tight at No. 23 this week, but there was plenty of movement going on around the Tigers and elsewhere in the poll. Virginia Tech helped out the ACC with a win at Ohio State and went from unranked to 17th. North Carolina and Nebraska both fell out of the rankings after underwhelming wins. South Carolina dropped behind Clemson after a win, while Louisville moved ahead of the Tigers after beating mighty Murray State. It's only week 2, and I'm already done trying to figure out what these people are thinking.

1. Florida State (Last Week: 1)

The Seminoles remain atop the poll after taking care of The Citadel, but they don't have quite the same stranglehold on the spot as Oregon received 16 first-place votes and is right on their heels.

2. Oregon (Last Week: 3)

Oregon jumps Alabama, deservedly so, after pulling away from Michigan State in a game that in some ways resembled Georgia's win over Clemson. It's very possible the Ducks are the nation's best team at the moment.

3. Alabama (Last Week: 2)

The Tide drop to No. 3 because of Oregon's impressive win, and it's not hard to believe Oregon is the better team of the two.

4. Oklahoma (Last Week: 4)

I still think the Sooners are overvalued here, but they flexed some muscle in a blowout win on the road at Tulsa.

5. Auburn (Last Week: 5)

Auburn's offense is churning as hard as ever, and they certainly look the part of a top-5 team.

6. Georgia (Last Week: 6)

Georgia comes off a bye week and gets another test this week as they head to Columbia to take on South Carolina. There may be potential to move into the top 5 with a convincing win.

7. Texas A&M (Last Week: 9)

A&M beat up on Lamar, because Lamar has a football team now, and they move up into borderline-overrated territory. They won't have to earn this ranking, however, until they get into the meat of their SEC schedule.

8. Baylor (Last Week: 10)

Similarly, don't expect Baylor to go anywhere as they don't get a true test for a while.

9. USC (Last Week: 14)

You have to give the Trojans credit for stealing a win at Stanford when they were pretty clearly outplayed. I don't really see them as a top-10 team, but they now have one of the better wins of any team in the poll.

10. LSU (Last Week: 12)

LSU is quietly lurking on the periphery of the top 10, and you should never sleep on Les Miles' squad, no matter how insane he may be.

11. Notre Dame (Last Week: 16)

I called Notre Dame overrated last week, and while a win over Michigan ain't what it used to be, the Irish certainly impressed by shutting out the Wolverines.

12. UCLA (Last Week: 11)

UCLA barely beat Memphis at home, and they continue to show that they are nowhere near as good as pundits want them to be.

13. Michigan State (Last Week: 7)

Michigan State is probably still wondering how they went from up 9 to down 12 in the blink of an eye, but the Oregon offense will do that. In other news, it was not exactly a banner day for the Big Ten.

14. Ole Miss (Last Week: 15)

The Rebels smacked Vandy around (something the Commodores will become very familiar with this season), but I'm still waiting for their home date with Alabama in four weeks before I'm jumping on any bandwagons.

15. Stanford (Last Week: 13)

Stanford has to be kicking itself after repeatedly driving down the field on USC and coming up with just 10 points. They didn't suffer much in the rankings, interestingly enough.

16. Arizona State (Last Week: 17)

Despite the rampant love affair with the Pac 12 the media seem to have this season, you don't hear much about Arizona State. The Sun Devils have the look of a solid team so far, though.

17. Virginia Tech (Last Week: NR)

Well, well, well. Look who has returned to prominence. The Hokies deserve credit for going into the horseshoe and knocking off Ohio State, albeit without Braxton Miller, but 17 seems a bit high at this point.

18. Wisconsin (Last Week: 18)

In my mind, there is no way Wisconsin doesn't win out. I mean, look at this schedule. Who are they going to lose to? Nebraska? Iowa? God, the Big Ten sucks.

19. Kansas State (Last Week: 20)

I hyped up Kansas State last week, but it took all they had to beat an Iowa State team that got shelled by North Dakota State a week earlier. I still like the Wildcats, but yesterday's game gave me reason for pause.

20. Missouri (Last Week: 24)

Missouri deserves this move up in the poll after throttling Toledo on the road. I expect the Tigers to be a factor in the SEC East race.

21. Louisville (Last Week: 25)

Beat Murray State? Move up four spots in the poll, of course.

22. Ohio State (Last Week: 8)

We knew Ohio State was overrated, but they were exposed even sooner than expected as Virginia Tech handled them in their own building.

23. Clemson (Last Week: 23)

Despite tons of movement around them, the Tigers stay put at No. 23. Not really sure why voters thought Louisville's win over a FCS team was cooler than Clemson's, but I digress.

24. South Carolina (Last Week: 21)

The Gamecocks held off East Carolina, but they didn't exactly look great doing it. Georgia comes to town this week, and a loss would drop South Carolina out of the rankings

25. BYU (Last Week: NR)

BYU went into Austin and gave injury-plagued Texas the business, and I have no qualms with them entering the rankings, especially if it's at the expense of North Carolina.