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Clemson - South Carolina State - Live Gamethread

SC State rolls into town and although this home opener lacks the pizzazz of last year's amazing battle with Georgia, you only get seven opportunities to watch Clemson in the Valley, so it's always a pleasure.

Tyler Smith

In this one I'll be keeping an eye on the offensive line. SC State has a decent defensive line for an FCS team, but Clemson needs to be able to open up holes and in that regard, I'll also be looking closley to see who gets carries and what they do with them. I'm hoping to see more of Choice and Gallman. Finally, I'll be keeping a close eye on the receivers to see if we can clean up the drops that cost us in game one.

And now to our fearless leader abroad (Editor Brian Goodison):

A random note this is the first Clemson football game I'm going to miss since since the 2008 season started, and it feels a little odd. I'm still in Europe, Zurich at this point, and the beer is good and the chocolate is even better. I've even got some ideas for new recipes, including some frosting for my Five-Heart Dabo Cupcakes.

Honestly for this one, even though we should go up early, I hope Dabo keeps some of the guys in longer to get experience, especially on the OL and in the secondary. With a bye week and then FSU I'd rather get them some game experience even if it is against the school that only beats us with their marching band.

Join us below to talk about the game, and I'll see y'all next week.