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SC State at Clemson Preview: Question & Answer Session

South Carolina State doesn't have a SB Nation site so I reached out to one of our readers who follows the SC State Bulldogs to give us the inside scoop.

Tyler Smith

STS: Shakin the Southland
BM: Bill Mooneyhan

STS: Though FCS teams generally lack depth they may have a player to look out for. Does SC State have anyone we should key in on or an especially fun player to watch? Additionally, Can you tell us about SC State's style of play and how they'll utilize these players to try to do to keep pace with Clemson?

BM: SC State has a different QB this year, speedy RS sophomore Adrian Kollock, but will try to control the ball with a heavy dose of running using their deep running back core running behind two senior first team all-conference offensive lineman, especially after throwing the ball cost them 14 points from two pick sixes last year in Death Valley. This rushing attack that includes 2nd team all-conference running back Justin Taylor scored nine touchdowns last week and will get their first chance of the year against a FBS defense this weekend.

On the defensive side of the ball SC State has two SBN All-American (Editors note: SBN All-Americans are the elite players among athletes playing for historically black universities) defensive ends in Andrew Carter and Alex Glover along with a 2nd team all-conference defensive lineman in Javon Hargrave. I didn't get to watch enough to really evaluate their defensive backs, but they are an older group and most of them have played in Death Valley before so they will be ready to play. Clemson will get a chance to work out their offensive line against quality defensive lineman to stay fresh for FSU.

STS: Clemson has never lost to an FCS team, but last year's game with SC State was somewhat uncomfortable and NC State and and Syracuse were taken to the brink just this past weekend. Can the Bulldogs keep it close in the first half? If not, will the Marching 101 give us some entertainment for our dollar?

BM: I do not think anyone should let their guard down against FCS opponents, but Clemson should be perfectly fine against the SC State Bulldogs. South Carolina State should not give Clemson fits although they rolled instate team Benedict 63-0 after a slow and mistake filled first half last week

State had some fumbles in the first half of their first game and got off without giving up a touchdown off turnovers but if they make any types of mistakes like that Clemson will capitalize - quickly. I expect State to run the ball, and control the ball and clock as long as possible but it will most likely be a blow out in favor of the Tigers. Come for the game, stay for the halftime show, 62-10 is my prediction.

STS: I big thanks to Bill Mooneyhan for sharing his knowledge. I know I'll be keeping my eye on the battle in the trenches after watching our performance in Athens and learning about SC State's defensive line.