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Offensive Film Review: Clemson vs. Georiga

Breaking down the debacle in Athens from the offenses point of view.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Today, we’re going to take a look at the game film for the Clemson Tigers offense and see where problems lie, who played well, and who didn’t. So, let’s get started.

1st Drive

Fly sweep to the corner, Jordan Leggett whiffs his block, loss on the play…..quick screen to Mike Williams on the hot read of the corner blitz by Cole Stoudt, great play and recognition as play looked to be a dive to D.J. Howard based on line blocking… action pass downfield just leads Germone Hopper out of bounds, nice catch regardless….double play action screen to Howard, a bit high but wouldn’t have gained much anyways…3rd and long, UGA does a man under with 2 deep safeties, C.J. Davidson runs off Amarlo Herrera in coverage to open lane for Stoudt run, nice play, Kalon Davis has a nice block on the end twisting inside on the play, gain of 15…..sweep to Howard for a nice gain, linemen got out in front well especially Joe Gore but Leggett needs to sustain his block better….corner pass to G-Hop, late due to low snap by Ryan Norton….QB power, good push by Davis…..inside zone to Davidson, needs to cut it back because there was a lane….QB power again, Reid Webster barely gets there in time on the pull….inside zone again and no push by Norton and Webster gets stood up too….dive over the top for 6 on 4th down, gutsy, but I love playing to win, 7-0 Tigers

2nd Drive

Fake sweep to RB inside power, Davis good block, nice pull and hit by Norton… for 2…..pass knocked down at LOS, pass was late to Adam Humphries anyways as Herrera had arrived in coverge….punt

3rd Drive

Screen to Davidson, had good blocks, just danced too much….Williams drops pass on comeback route, similar what Nuk used to run to get first downs all the time, except Nuk caught everything…..Williams drop again, good blitz pickup by Davidson though…..punt

4th Drive

After big turnover, inside trap by Davidson, Leggett again struggles to generate push….Peake dropped deep ball, Howard has a good blitz pickup….UGA times run with snap and gets immediate pressure, our centers have a knack for snapping as soon as their heads pop up, it’s a dead giveaway to time snaps and only helps to make the line look even worse….punt

5th Drive

We have our first Deshaun Watson sighting as a Tiger, and zone read first play and he pulls it as the end crashes to take the running back, Stanton Seckinger needs to seal the inside better on his pull though, gain of 6….inside zone by Davidson, nice double team to seal on the linebacker by Webster, END OF FIRST QUARTER……..START OF SECOND QUARTER... blitz by UGA, Davidson almost misses blitzer on pickup, good composure by Watson in the pocket to deliver ball downfield, a little underthrown though due to inability to step into throw…. dive for 7, Davis mauled the MLB on the play to make a seam, very nice…..outside throw to Williams by Watson, perfect throw and a great release downfield by Williams, big gain…..beautiful laser down the seam to Peake by Watson, could only be thrown one place to be completed and it was thrown there in a hurry, 30 yard touchdown…14-14 all tied up

6th Drive

Quick screen to Artavis Scott, good initial contact by G-Hop but didn’t sustain, gain of 6….quick snap dive to Howard, Norton just misses linebacker and hits Howard for a one yard gain….deep ball to Scott, GREAT catch, Isaiah Battle got whipped by Floyd on the play…. pass interference by UGA on deep ball to Demare Kitt….Play action jet sweep, Stoudt makes smart play to take off to the edge, Leggett needs to at least try to hit the linebacker on the wham motion post snap….QB power, Webster got turned quickly by DT, Jay Jay McCoullough doesn’t take first threat in the hole, still gains 2….QB power again for no gain….QB power again for 1st down on 4th, and 1, Seckinger almost screwed it by not taking first threat but Webster arrived in time to hit end…..Norton hits a solid double play ball snaps the ball 10 yards deep into the backfield, but Davidson is alert and picks it up and almost gets back to the LOS….dive by Davidson for 2 yards…..Dive again by Davidson for 6, solid bunnies on that one….21-14 Tigers

7th Drive

Inside zone with Howard, no push, gain of 2…..drop back pass incomplete, pass protection was fine, just no open receivers….TIMEOUT due to slow audible and crowd noise, is it me or when there’s a check Gore looks to Davis every time to verify the play? Still confused maybe?....UGA sends the house to force quick throw and it works but roughing the passer by Carter keeps the drive alive, but this blitz would become a running theme later on….sweep by Howard, runs into Norton for no gain… action, late throw leads to interception by Stoudt, needs to throw earlier and lead G-Hop up the sideline and not back in to the safety help on the throw

8th Drive

Rollout draw for 6 yards by Davidson……nice cutback on dive by Davidson for 4 yards….Davidson again on dive for 7, Webster with a solid push….Davidson dive again for 2 yards, another nice push by Webster….Howards turn to dive now for 4 yards….Howard outside zone and cuts off tackle for 3 yards, Gore standing around….quick screen again to Williams, tries to tip toe line to 5 but out at the 22, HUGE…..Wayne Gallman finally carries, dive for 4  yards……3rd down, supposed to be a rollout the the right but Guillermo doesn’t block the man in front of him and instead doubles onto the DT, leads to rushed throw and incomplete….missed field goal from 34, damn I miss Cat Man….

9th Drive

Screen to Humphries for 6 yards, a solid block on the edge by Leggett…..screen again to Humphries, this time Leggett regresses to the mean with a terrible effort on the block….Pruitt brings the house again on 3rd down and Norton can’t block for more than 1.5 seconds and Howard doesn’t assist in pass pro until it’s too late, still Cole manages to scramble for 2 somehow…punt

10th Drive

Drive starts at the 7, draw play and Davis and Norton play patty cake rather than attempting to hit the guy, 2yards….sweep right by Davidson, could have potentially cut up inside but bounced it outside, gain of 3…..Pruitt does the same 2 man under look that Cole got the first down on in the first drive but this time twists to the left side instead of the right, Webster and Battle can’t handle it and there’s a hold on the play, complete to Seckinger for no gain, UGA declines penalty…punt

11th Drive

Run the extended triple option (YES) to the left with Watson, he pulls it (correct) and then runs up since the corner stayed with the receiver (also correct), I love this play and want to see more, easy 5 yards….dive by Howard, Gore didn’t even punch the end on the play, just barely chipped him, unacceptable…..Watson overthrows Kitt on the stop route, Kitt maybe have settled too quickly between the corner and safety….punt

12th Drive

Davidson sweep for 14, and its all on his effort, the combination of Battle, Seckinger, Leggett didn’t even touch the DE and didn’t climb to the MLB, 3 vs 2 and blocked 0, END OF 3RD QUARTER…..START OF 4TH QUARTER, Gore gets whipped by Floyd, sack by Battles man but not really Battles fault, he blocked end to the outside and didn’t expect Cole to be sitting 7 yards deep right behind him, maybe could’ve washed him down better but not on Battle completely….QB draw for 2 yards……Stoudt to Gallman against the blitz and he would have run a long way if the ball was delivered to Gallman where he didn’t have to bend to get it….punt.

13th Drive

Now down 10, WE RUN A DRAW ON FIRST DOWN, Battle and Seckinger don’t even touch Floyd, no gain….check down to Howard for a loss of 3, Pruitt is now winning this chess match, showed heavy blitz, backed off but brought it from elsewhere with 5 guys, Cole and the oline getting confused and rushed….incomplete to Seckinger on the throw, based off of the fouls of the first half, this should have been interference in my opinion…punt

14th Drive

Now down by 17, quick screen to McCollough vs heavy blitz, gain of 2….Gore gets destroyed by Floyd and Davidson fails to pick up Herrera on the blitz, Cole sacked for loss of 8…..Gore beat again by Leonard Floyd on screen play to Howard, pass incomplete….punt

15th Drive

It’s over, UGA is up by 24….Watson is back in, dances for 1 yard….Floyd annihilates Gore again and Norton doesn’t know who to pick up (a theme amongst our centers)….Watson sacked again by Herrera, does it even matter who did mess up this time?.....our final drive of the night ends with a punt.

Player Grades

So all season long, I will be grading out the offense and keeping track of how our guys are doing. The scale used will rate players from 0-10 and within that there are levels of play. All-American performances are defined as 9.5-10, All-ACC performances are defined as 8-9.5, a solid performance is a 6-7.9, an average performance is a 4-5.9, and a hot seat performance where you should get worried about your job is a 0-3.9. That being said, let’s grade these guys out. To be available for grading, the player must have played at least 20% of the snaps, or have memorable/impact plays.

All-American Performances

Nobody. You saw that game right?

All-ACC Performances

I was tempted to put Kalon Davis in here but he did have a couple of plays where his effort was lacking and once where he didn’t do anything to help pickup a free blitzer in pass pro (wasn't his responsibility but could've assisted). Again, no one here.

Solid Performances

Kalon Davis (7.9), he played with a hardness I haven’t really seen from him before and he was moving well, definitely our best offensive player this game.

Average Performances

CJ Davidson (5.2) he had a lot of nice runs but the reason why he isn’t higher is due to some pass pro liabilities and a few missed cutback lanes, but he ran hard and had a few good blocks.

Deshaun Watson (5.0) he had a great throw to Peake and made smart choices in the read option, and it’s tough to say the offense in the second half is on him but this is by no means calling for Cole’s head.

Artavis Scott (4.4), had a great catch over a defender and another solid gain on a screen, other than that not memorable but made an impact play.

Isaiah Battle (4.2), had a good first half but Floyd took advantage of him a couple of times and had a couple of missed assignments.

Cole Stoudt (4.1), now hear me out, he played well until his offensive line started resembling a wet paper bag, but he should have checked into some better plays as a senior QB, ranked a little lower due to the interception.

Charon Peake (4.1), had the drop deep yes, but did have the great catch and concentration on the Watson throw. Didn’t play a whole lot though, knee is still an issue.

Mike Williams (4.1), if it weren’t for the 2 drops it would have been a solid game for Mike, but those two drops killed a drive, but he did show some nice moves and appears to be faster than last year.

Adam Humphries (4.0), his stat line was unimpressive but he did block well on the perimeter and his terrible stat line was due to our inability to block on the edge (Jordan Leggett, Germone Hopper).

Hot Seat Performances

Germone Hopper (3.8), he had a couple of times on the edge where his blocking was suspect but he did stretch the field at times which is a plus but you have to convert some of those.

Reid Webster (3.6), his saving grace was a few punishing blocks he threw, but in pass pro was hit or miss and a few times got turned around in the running game, I was pleased at times and scared at others.

DJ Howard (3.0), the only positive thing he brought was pass pro and at times he didn’t do that well. He had a drop on a screen and wasn’t a solid runner.

Ryan Norton (3.0), was a liability in pass pro at times and had the snap that CJ Davidson saved, had a good first quarter but the 3rd and 4th were a rough ride.

Jay Guillermo (2.8), had a blown assignment and got 0 push at times. Also snaps were low.

Jordan Leggett (2.2), he was abysmal blocking (minus one play) and didn’t really make an impact by providing us with a mismatch for the defense. We needed him to play good football and he didn’t.

Stanton Seckinger (2.2), he missed blocks and when he did engage in blocks he didn’t move anyone. Got in behind the defense once and should have drawn a penalty but otherwise a bad performance.

Joe Gore (2.0), Wasn’t too bad in the first half, actually pulled well on some sweeps, but there were times where he looked confused and others where he just got manhandled.