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Goldin Guarantees: Clemson-SC State and other Week 2 picks

Picking the top picks for week 2

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

*Disclaimer: As proven last week, Mr. Goldin is not an expert. View these picks as entertainment. If you choose to gamble, please seek advice from someone who has more football experience than "watching a lot of games and played Single-A football in Georgia".

Well, folks, somehow I went 5-5 over week 1. I very easily could've had a winning record if Wisconsin could've held on to a DOUBLE DIGIT lead or if UCF could've waited a bit to score that touchdown. Good gosh. Anyway, I came up even, so I can't complain, but this week should be better. Also, before someone points it out,  I know my score predictions were way off. For easiness sakes, I'm just going by wins and losses. If you've got a better way to keep score, by all means let me know. Now, on to the picks!!

Friday 9/5:

Pitt (+1) @ Boston College (-1) 7:00 (ESPN)

Woooohooooo!! We've got a little ACCtion on a Friday night. This one would be a high noon snoozefest if it was on Saturday, but for a Friday Night it's top billing. These are 2 teams that will probably finish mid to bottom of their respective divisions and deal with having to compete with historic pro sports teams in their cities. A lot different than the majority of the ACC teams, but whatever, they're in the conference, so deal with it. The Goldin Guarantee: BC 13 Pitt 10

Saturday 9/6:

SC State (no line) @ Clemson (no line) 12:30 (ACC Network)

So, last week had so much promise, and then was just disappointing. There are a lot of reasons to get excited for this weekends game with our little in state brothers from Orangeburg. One, you get to see the Tigers run down the hill, which is always awesome. You also get to tailgate in Tigertown, so unlike in Athens, you don't have to worry about car vandalism. As for the actual game, we should get to see an extended look at Deshaun Watson. Watson had a money touchdown throw on his first drive. Expect to see at least a full quarter of D-Wat, which will give us a better comparison between him and Cole. Also, we should see more Gallman and Choice, although I was pretty impressed with CJ Davidson. Finally, we will probably win. Big. People will still find something to harp on, but as long s we put these Bulldogs away by the 2nd quarter, everyone will be fine. The Goldin Guarantee: Clemson 49 SC State 17

Southern Cal (+4) @ Stanford (-4) 3:30 (ABC)

The jocks and the nerds square off in Palo Alto. Stanford has won 5 of the last 7, while USC continues it's climb back towards college footballs elite. I don't know how true this is, but I heard Steve Sarkisian has requested only first floor rooms at the team hotel for this weekend. Might as well prevent anymore injuries and scandals. The Goldin Guarantee: Stanford 24 USC 20

East Carolina(+15.5) @ South Carolina (-15.5) 7:00 (ESPNU)

Arrrgggghhhh!! The Pirates invade South Carolina's version of Tortuga (the town in Pirates of the Carribean where the pirates drank and pillaged), Columbia. The Cocks are still recovering from the beat down that Texas A&M laid on them last Thursday. Like Clemson, this is a game where frustrations will be high amongst the fans and there will be something to complain about. ECU is a talented squad, so expect them to give Sakerlina trouble at first, but I think the Ole Ball Coach will muster up enough points to win this one. The Goldin Guarantee: South Carolina 38 ECU 24

Georgia Tech (-10) @ Tulane (+10) 4:00

GT had a closer than expected run in with the Wofford Terriers, so I'm skeptical about them going into the opening game at Tulane's new stadium. Georgia Tech should be a deeper and more talented team, which I think will give them the W, but I don't know that they cover that 10 point spread. The Goldin Guarantee: GT 34 Tulane 28

Michigan (+6) @ Notre Dame (-6) 7:30 (NBC)

An old school rivalry that will be ending after this season. It's a shame, but I'm pretty excited to see Notre Dame join the ACC play 5 ACC games a year. Knowing the national attention Notre Dame brings and the way their fans travel, I am thoroughly expecting October, 4, 2015 to be a blast when they come to Clemson. Michigan coach Brady Hoke said Notre Dame was "chickening out" of the rivalry, so their should be some fireworks in the last game. The Goldin Guarantee: Michigan 31 Notre Dame 29

Virginia Tech (+12) @ Ohio State (-12) 8:00 (ESPN)

Beamer Ball heads to the Horseshoe Saturday Night. VT is replacing the World's Tallest Quarterback while Ohio State's JT Barrett was called into duty after Braxton Miller was ruled out in the pre-season with a shoulder injury. Barrett looks like a young Braxton Miller, and while Ohio State had some trouble with Navy on Saturday, he was able to pull them through for the win. The Goldin Guarantee: Ohio State 35 VT 16