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Clemson - North Carolina: Instant Reaction

Tyler Smith

We are trying something out new this week. Rather than a boring summary of what happened I've recorded my thoughts as the game has gone on.

1st Quarter

  • UNC just failed spectacularly there. Great way for Watson to get some confidence.
  • Our defense is fantastic. I love to see them attacking this UNC line.
  • We've now had 3-4 high snaps. Seriously what is going on with this nonsense.

2nd Quarter

  • We need to not get gimmicky in the red zone. Misdirection is fine but keep it simple in play call.
  • Or we can just throw it deep. The Hopper - Watson connection seems to be working pretty well.
  • I get why Dabo is giving Stoudt some time, but I don't know that I would do it often tonight. My final decision will probably depend on how this goes.
  • Jesus guys. When the ball is tossed to you, YOU MUST WATCH IT INTO YOUR HANDS! This is not hard.
  • I love our defense, all of it. That was a coverage safety there. Or an incompetent QB. But I'll take it either way.
  • The running game is just crap. It needs to be fixed. The only real problem with our play in the first half

3rd Quarter

  • I have an orange traffic cone sighting. Honestly I'd be a little more pissed at Morris but this OL is so bad it has to be limiting what he can do.
  • Watson you have to throw that away. You can't try to make a completion there.
  • And of course they march down the short field and score. Hopefully Venables adjusts now.
  • Watson made a great throw to get the first down, but the TD throw was a little short. Even on the move he needs a little more on that. A good DB is there and probably tips that away.
  • Great read by Watson to Williams on that TD. I really like that we went over the middle there. Seems like we don't do that often enough.
  • The defense is getting a little gassed, but I can't complain too much about giving up the TD. We just need to keep hitting back.
  • You know it is bad when all the TV guys can talk about is the awful OL your team has. Sadly it may not get better next year.

4th Quarter

  • Can we just line Hopper, WIlliams, and Scott up on every snap? They may not have the immediate ability Watkins had, but all 3 are pretty darn good and should only help Watson.
  • I hate tunnel screens. They should be burned.
  • Great 3 and out by the defense to regain the momentum there. Things could have snowballed if UNC started driving.
  • I'm pretty sure our defense just got bored and decided to go home. I really hope Venables doesn't try to hide this during practice this week.
  • And now I'm pissed about Stoudt playing. Two scores up with 4 minutes left means your starting QB should still be playing.
  • Well at least that interception seals it. A nice note to end a slightly ugly defensive performance.