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Clemson vs. North Carolina: Live Gamethread

Scott Halleran

Last week was terrible and I hate it. This week we get a chance to pound some Tar Heels into the ground. This one is night game and I expect the crowd will be behind Clemson as they look to start what should be an 8 game unbeaten run.

The two things to look for will be how the defense does against what is theoretically a good quarterback, and how Clemson's offense looks with Deshaun Watson under center. Even with Watson the Clemson offense hasn't been as consistent as we'd like to see. Hopefully today we finally see that happen. I'd also like to see Chad Morris call a better game, but I'm not greedy and I'll just settle for one thing today.

As always join us below in the comments. Hopefully this one will be a fun one where we can just laugh at a UNC team that gave up 70 points last week.