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Deshaun Watson Will Start

With most of the goals for this season out the window, it's all about beating South Carolina and building for the future.

Ronald Martinez

Prior to the FSU game I exchanged Q&A articles with Dylan Kidd of Tomahawk Nation and told him:

"Once Watson is eased into the fire, if he is playing better than Stoudt, I have no qualms with him getting the majority of the snaps..."

And that's exactly what happened. Watson came in after a few scoreless drives led by Cole Stoudt (including one that ended with a shanked gimme FG) and showed superior speed and arm strength. Watson did a better job of moving the ball down the field and collecting the chunk plays. At that point, it was evident to the coaches that he gave us the best chance to win and he was left in for the remainder of the game.

Now that we've got an extended look at both quarterbacks, we have enough sample size to feel reasonable concluding Deshaun Watson should start moving forward. I like Cole Stoudt and do not by any means think he is a below average quarterback. Stoudt would be fine if that was our best option, however we are in a situation where we cannot attain the following goals:

  • Win the opener
  • Win the Atlantic Division
  • Win the ACC

So what's left to play for?

  • Beat South Carolina
  • Win the bowl game
  • Improve for the future
On all remaining goals it appears clear that Deshaun Watson gives us the best opportunity to find success. Again, I don't disagree with what the coaches did regarding the QB rotation in Tallahassee (though Chad Morris's decision to lineup in shotgun in short yardage situations kills me), and I don't think Cole is bad. In fact, I hope we'll have a 50-7 lead on UNC next week and Cole can finish the game, but Watson's time has come early and watching him is one of the few things that gets me excited for the rest of the season.

After the loss, Dabo Swinney was quoted as saying:

"I think with tonight's performance he's earned the right to have a chance to go be the starter next week."

The future is now.