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Clemson vs. Florida State: Live Gamethread

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday I got some hope for this game. Then on Friday that hope increased. The Jameis Winston news brought a little bit of belief to where none existed. But I have squashed that hope. Hope brings happiness. Hope gives you a chance to think good things will happen. I should know better as a Clemson fan. Hope is merely a tool to set yourself up for spending $400 on two tickets in the upper deck, $400 on a plane flight, and too much on beer only to watch your team hoist the opposing team onto their shoulders and give them a glorious send off. No, there can be no hope tonight.

If you've missed it we have QT with some recruiting notes and thoughts on Sean Maguire. Kraken also provided some number comparisons for us here.

It is Clemson - Florida State on ABC, sadly we don't get Uncle Brent talking about the FSU Coeds in awkward ways, but we do get a chance to see if Chad Morris has learned anything from the Georgia game as well as how good our defense can be at full strength. Join us in the comments to talk about this one. And make sure you grab a beer, you will need it one way or another.