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Tuesday News and Links

A weekly roundup of news revolving around Clemson sports

Scott Cunningham

Before we get to the latest happenings around the Clemson sports community, here are my thoughts from the 2nd half debacle against Georgia on Saturday.

1. The disastrous performance of the offensive line, poor special teams play, and all around poor coaching were the main things that did us in on Saturday night.

2. A lot of people were calling for Cole Stoudt to be benched but in reality it wasn't all his fault that the offense played horribly. Stoudt had barely any time to do anything on Saturday night. While Cole Stoudt should in my opinion remain the starter, the coaching staff needs to find a way to get Watson more snaps as the season progresses.

3. The coaching staff needs to get more players involved and other players not as much. D.J. Howard should not be getting many more snaps for this Clemson offense. Despite scoring a 1 yard TD on Saturday night, D.J. Howard did not look too good. Davidson looked much better and he should be the starter at this point over Howard. Davidson provides a speed element that should be used for end around runs and outside the tackles runs. The coaching staff needs to get more touches for Gallman and Choice as well. Both of these freshmen have plenty of potential and would be better options than Howard for running up the middle. The coaching staff also need to get the freshman wide receivers on the field more often.

4. The coaching staff should experiment some new things in the upcoming game against SC State(only because it is against SC State) to figure out what will work best for the team especially the offense going forward. With David Beasley coming back from suspension, the coaching staff should consider reworking the offensive line.

Those are a few of my thoughts from Saturday's debacle in Athens. Here are the latest happenings around the Clemson sports community.

Someone suggested that Georgia fans keep an eye on Chad Morris

Another Chad Morris watch article. This one suggests that Mark Richt could be on the hot seat and that Georgia could look at Chad Morris as a potential head coach. Many Georgia fans are not happy with Mark Richt in recent years with not being able to maximize the talent on the Georgia roster over the past few years. After Saturday it is hard to say that Mark Richt is on the hot seat with the dominating performance by the Bulldogs in the 2nd half as well as with his overall track record at the University of Georgia. Chad Morris struggled with playcalling on Saturday and I highly don't think we should worry about losing him anytime soon as he is the 2nd highest paid assistant in the country and has been selective about coaching opportunities in the past.

Clemson – Georgia Reaction: The Pruitt Effect | The Student Section

Georgia Defensive Coordinator has had our number recently as Florida State's defensive coordinator the past season and on Saturday in his first game as Georgia's defensive boss. This explains the "Pruitt Effect" on Clemson.

Friday Focus — Ajukwa & Rooks - Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

This is an interesting insight into offseason workout programs. The development for these two players is key for the basketball program. Austin Ajukwa is expected to play a part in replacing the production of KJ McDaniels. Patrick Rooks is coming off a redshirt and his development is key for coming off the bench and being a productive replacement at the guard positions.

ACC Basketball: N.C. State's Bobby Lutz, Clemson's Earl Grant remain in play for the College of Charleston - Sports

Losing Earl Grant to a head coaching job would be a significant blow to a rising Clemson basketball program. Earl Grant is the recruiting coordinator for the basketball program and trying to find a new recruiting coordinator would be a burden for a program that exceeded expectations last year and who many see a bright future for. Grant is deserving of a head coaching job but the selfish me doesn't want to see any significant coaching changes to a rising basketball program.

Tajh Boyd doesn’t make Jets final cut, released by team

This is a sad one for us Tigers fans. Any reasonable Clemson fan should be rooting for Tajh Boyd to make an active roster. This is very disappointing for us Clemson fans and we hope Tajh catches on to an NFL roster soon.

Opportunity missed for Clemson

It was not a very good weekend for the ACC.... Clemson had an opportunity to prove itself among ACC teams. Clemson also missed many opportunities in the game that could've at least made the game closer.