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Jameis Winston Suspended Against Clemson

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State has announced that star quarterback Jameis Winston will be suspended for the first half of this weekend's game against Clemson. Winston apparently stood up in a dining hall yesterday and shouted a few things that shouldn't have been said.

The quarterback has had what can be described as several controversies over the past 12 months. First there was the accusation of sexual assault, which he was cleared of, followed by some sort of incident involving a BB gun and several other FSU players. This was then followed up with a citation for stealing crabs from the local grocery store, and provided us all with many laughs.

Winston shouting this is the epitome of a stupid college student move, but he really needs to learn better. After everything he's been through, this is just pure stupidity and the punishment is fair, though, as a Clemson fan, I wouldn't have been upset with a full game suspension.

I do want to take a minute to applaud Jimbo for this move. With this being one of the big, if not the biggest, games on FSU's schedule, it would have been easy for him to drag his feet and avoid hurting the team until after the game. Instead, he made the right call and should be commended for it.

As for how this affects Clemson, it does nothing but help our chances. FSU is losing a Heisman QB for 30 minutes and backup Sean Maguire isn't exactly the second coming of Winston. He is a sophomore and has 26 pass attempts during his time at Florida State.

I hope Dabo and Chad go for the throat here. Be aggressive and take chances, play Watson as much as possible, assuming Stoudt struggles. Jump out to a huge lead and when Winston returns keep the pressure up. This is a golden opportunity for Clemson.