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Poll Problems: Week 3

We take a look at the top 25 each week to see what the voters got right and what they got terribly wrong.

Virginia Tech's stay in the top 25 was short-lived as they fell at home to East Carolina.
Virginia Tech's stay in the top 25 was short-lived as they fell at home to East Carolina.
Michael Shroyer

Thanks to embarrassing losses by Virginia Tech and Louisville, the ACC has a paltry two teams in the AP poll this week. And with Clemson being ranked near the bottom, a loss to Florida State this week could potentially mean the Seminoles would be the only ranked team in the conference. Ouch. One bright spot for the ACC was Boston College's stunning win over USC, but as we've noted previously, USC isn't any good anyway.

1. Florida State (Last Week: 1)

The Seminoles are still carrying the banner for a depressing ACC and are heavy favorites with Clemson coming to town this week.

2. Oregon (Last Week: 2)

The Ducks slept through the first quarter and fell behind Wyoming 7-0 before ripping off 27 in the second and running away with another game. The Ducks look like a pretty good bet to go undefeated, as that Pac 12 schedule isn't quite as daunting as it once seemed.

3. Alabama (Last Week: 3)

I expect the Tide to handle Florida pretty easily this week, and then they get two weeks to prepare for the juggernaut that is Ole Miss.

4. Oklahoma (Last Week: 4)

As much as I knock Oklahoma, they're actually doing pretty well weekly to show that they may belong in the top 10.

5. Auburn (Last Week: 5)

Auburn gets its first real test this week on the road at Kansas State on Thursday night.

6. Texas A&M (Last Week: 7)

Continuing to benefit from teams ranked above them losing, the Aggies move up to the fringe of the top 5. That win over South Carolina looks pretty good now though.

7. Baylor (Last Week: 8)

The Bears will keep hammering opponents until they get to Oklahoma, which they may also hammer.

8. LSU (Last Week: 10)

LSU is looking like it might just be the real deal after shutting out a decent Louisiana-Monroe team and holding them to just 93 yards of offense. We'll see what they're truly made of when they travel to Auburn on Oct. 4.

9. Notre Dame (Last Week: 11)

I took a week off from calling Notre Dame overrated, but don't worry — I'm back. A top-10 team should absolutely drill Purdue, who is ... just so awful. The Irish, being that they are not a top-10-caliber team, slugged their way to a 30-14 win over the Boilermakers.

10. Ole Miss (Last Week: 14)

Ole Miss is on the creep right now, and a blowout win over La-La this past weekend is apparently enough for them to vault into the top 10. I just don't see it.

11. Michigan State (Last Week: 13)

If Michigan State doesn't win out and face Wisconsin (who should also win out) in the Big Ten Championship Game, I will be stunned.

12. UCLA (Last Week: 12)

I'm feeling more and more validated in my analysis of UCLA with each passing week, as the Bruins went into the same stadium where BYU blasted Texas 41-7 a week ago and escaped with just a 3-point win. I know Brett Hundley got hurt, but they're still just not that good.

13. Georgia (Last Week: 6)

Georgia can thank Mike Bobo's inexplicable goal-line playcalling for its heartbreaking loss to South Carolina.

14. South Carolina (Last Week: 24)

It's interesting that Georgia is still ranked ahead of the Gamecocks, until you pull the memory of that Texas A&M game out of the recesses of your mind.

15. Arizona State (Last Week: 16)

The Sun Devils handled business on the road against Colorado, and they get a bye week before they expose UCLA, which I am so ready for.

16. Stanford (Last Week: 15)

Stanford enters a bye week after taking care of Army, which just gives them more time to sit around and wonder how they lost to Southern Cal.

17. USC (Last Week: 9)

I said last week that USC was in no way a top-10 team, but even I didn't expect Boston College to be the team that proved it.

18. Missouri (Last Week: 20)

The forgotten team in the SEC East just keeps quietly rolling along. They get to test themselves against both South Carolina and Georgia in the next month.

19. Wisconsin (Last Week: 18)

Sconny just gets to keep picking on the sisters of the poor before they get to their conference slate full of sisters of the poor.

20. Kansas State (Last Week: 19)

The Wildcats have a great opportunity to shoot up the rankings if they can upset Auburn on Thursday night, though that is an admittedly tall task.

21. BYU (Last Week: 25)

The Cougars were close to coughing up a 23-point lead against Houston on Thursday, so we may need to pump the breaks a little bit here. Taysom Hill is a stud though.

22. Clemson (Last Week: 23)

The Tigers are substantial underdogs as they travel to Tallahassee this weekend, but I expect them to be up for the nation's No. 1 team. That alone may not be enough to upend the Seminoles, however.

23. Ohio State (Last Week: 22)

The Buckeyes went all Clemson-SC State on poor Kent State, taking out their frustrations from the loss to Virginia Tech — which looks really great now, doesn't it? They didn't prove much, though, because Kent State's quarterback can't even throw a football.

24. Nebraska (Last Week: NR)

Oh God, they're back.

25. Oklahoma State (Last Week: NR)

It's surprising it took this long for the Cowboys to get a little love after they took Florida State to the wire in Week 1. They have the potential to climb even higher because of their back-loaded conference schedule.