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South Carolina stomps Georgia: A Quick Analysis

What exactly does South Carolina's win over Georgia mean for us? I believe that the Gamecocks beating Georgia and more specifically how they beat them, is very telling about our own team. Sunshine pumpers beware, this one is probably going to make you see red.

Would have been nice to shut this guy up
Would have been nice to shut this guy up
Scott Cunningham

So how does it feel watching your rival do to Georgia what you should have done? Not too good to be quite honest with you. South Carolina aired it out all night long against the Dawgs secondary, amassing 271 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air. How does it feel watching those guys go off for 144 yards of total offense in the second quarter against the Puppies when we could only manage a measly 15 yards of total offense against the same ragged defense? It makes me want to punch a kitten in the face.

Steve Spurrier didn't have any extra intel that we didn't have. Everyone knew about Georgia's weakness. Bloggers blogged about it all off season. So why didn't we attempt to exploit it more? Why is Chad Morris the highest paid offensive coordinator in college football again? The only thing he could think of was to run D.J. Howard up the middle all night long and throw screen passes. Then we see Artavis Scott stretch the field against South Carolina State and Deshaun Watson looks like the second coming of Woodrow Dantzler. Why didn't they play more?

I have a theory. Jeremy Pruitt is not the defense guru everyone has made him out to be. I think he just clearly has The Chad's number. Watching his defense at Florida State shut us down last year and watching him do it all over again at a different school with less talent in the secondary made people think he was some kind of evil genius. Really all it took was someone with half a clue and enough balls to attempt to test them where everyone knew they were weak.

Texas A&M's less than stellar D and ECU of all teams held them to less points. Georgia shut us out in the first half. I'm thinking there's no way they can outscore Georgia. So South Carolina and Dylan Thompson go out there and look like the Oregon frigging Ducks. How does that make YOU feel as a Tiger fan? Do you still have confidence in this offense. In Chad Morris? In Dabo Swinney? We will still probably run through the weak ACC. Louisville looked like a pile of garbage. UNC has been less than impressive. Wake Forest, Syracuse and NC State, LOL.

How does it make you feel knowing that we have a date with the Gamecocks at the end of the year and a potential 6th loss in a row looms on the horizon? Are we going to be starting the better QB by that time? Doubt it. Is our offensive line going to suddenly become world beaters? Hell no. Will Chad Morris go into full meltdown mode, play the wrong players, become super unimaginative and cause us to run into a brick wall offensively which will in turn put stress on the defense and send the entire team into a downward spiral? Almost certainly. Am I just being a sunshine dumper? Probably. There is probably a lot of truth in what I say as well though.

The loss to Georgia was tough to swallow. I thought I had gotten over it. Tonight's win by those jerks just made it exponentially worse and I want nothing more to just break something over Dabo's head and tell him to wake the hell up and stop embarrassing us on national TV while South Carolina continues to pass us by. We have major issues on the offensive line. A combination of conflicting coaching philosophies, piss poor recruiting and yes...strength and conditioning has made us soft in the most important phase of the game. The trenches. Until we get this fixed we will never beat South Carolina again and we will continue to have these bed wettings in front of national audiences against teams like Georgia, Florida State and sometimes a West Virginia will be thrown in there for good measure.

Speaking of Florida State...who can wait for that game? I can probably wait. I already know what's going to happen. I even bought a case of beer in anticipation of another massive beat down that all the people watching College Gameday can share in. It's fun being a punching bag for guys like that and being a joke for national pundits. No wonder we keep hearing rumors of Ray Ray wanting to jump ship and go to Florida. I wouldn't want to get my head kicked in every time I played a team with a pulse either. We have zero chance of beating Florida State with Cole Stoudt under center. We stand a puncher's chance with Deshaun Watson running the show. Even then we will still probably lose but maybe we can actually trade blows with them and lose by a touchdown or so like Georgia did tonight with South Carolina and not get blown off the field like last year.