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Offensive Film Review: Clemson vs. South Carolina State

Did our tight ends show up this week? Can we find some semblance of an offensive line? Is Deshaun Watson's arm made of the same stuff they put inside stretch armstrong? LET'S FIND OUT.

Mary Ann Chastain

Today we look at the Offensive Film Review from the South Carolina State game. We will look at the first half and the first few drives from the second half today, partially because it was a blowout and garbage time started early, and the fact that I am on vacation and want to make it out to the beach before 10 AM today. Bear with me folks, been 2 years since I've been able to enjoy Murrels Inlet food and some surf fishing.

Moving on, let's take a look at how our offense did throughout the game.

Shorthand to know:

PA-Play action, JS- Jet Sweep, TrO-Triple Option, RO- Read option, OZ- Outside zone, IZ- inside zone, QS- Quick screen, ZR-Zone read

1st Drive

Jay Guillermo starts at center and Cole Stoudt at QB, D.J. Howard dives for 3, good double by Guillermo and Kalon Davis.....Quick screen to Mike Williams, Jordan Leggett actually blocked someone, gain of 6....quick pitch weak to Wayne Gallman, Isaiah Battle fails to even touch DE and Gallman makes great effort for first down, Jay Jay McCoullough stays on block long enough to allow for Gallman to cutback....Jet sweep to Germone Hopper, Webster misses down man and it almost blows up play, but he gives good effort to get to second level gain of 14....Play action pass to Williams on a "back shoulder throw," Gore touched no one but thankfully it didn't matter/didn't lead to injury......dive by C.J. Davidson for 2.....Triple option pitch to Adam Humphries for touchdown......7-0 Tigers

2nd Drive

PA rollout, no one open, Stoudt does right to pull down and run for 2....JS to G-Hop, Stanton Seckinger takes too wide of an angle, OLB shoots gap and blows play up.....screen to Howard, Kalon and Webster both miss blocks down field....4th and 2, Howard dives, nice pull by Kalon on the kick but Leggett misses LB and Howard has to fight and barely gets 1st....dive by Adam Choice, Battle misses DT and Reid Webster doesn't sustain block, gain of 2.....good pass to Jay Jay for 1st down, good catch....Choice OZ, Joe Gore washed down end well and Webster had nice pull....fade to Williams, overthrown, Williams makes sick play on ball to avoid pick and almost have a Sportscenter Top 10 moment....OZ by Choice, McCollough misses block.....IZ by Choice, Guillermo gets turned around and Battle is beat inside....Field goal.....10-0 Tigers

3rd Drive

Sweep to Gallman, Ryan Norton and Webster beat, Leggett actually ok, gain of 4....JS to Charon Peake, Leggett got first threat this time but Demare Kitt didn't sustain block, ran this to the shortside for no reason, gain of 1....drop back pass, Stoudt high and late to Kitt, SCSt give the Pruitt pressure look, rattles Cole?....4th and 5, pass to Humphries downfield, Kalon Davis at LT and got beat around the edge, Cole needs to lead him inside and anticipate it earlier due to lack of arm strength....turnover on downs.

4th Drive

Deshaun Watson in at QB, QS to Scott but Seckinger doesn't sustain block, gain of 6....Veer read, Watson pulls ball but Webster misses 2 blocks on play....Watson has a strike to Williams vs an 8 man coverage....Choice dive for 6 yards, Davis has a good seal....RO, Leggett sucks it up more than a Hoover vacuum, Watson makes great play to actually gain 1 yard....OZ by Gallman for 8 yards...ZR by Watson for gain of 4, makes right call to pull it, END OF FIRST....START OF SECOND, Corner route to Peake, a little overthrown by Watson but who care? DIRTY catch by Peake. UN looking into situation due to filthyness of catch....17-0 Tigers

5th Drive

Cole back in, deep pass to Peake, should have been picked, pressing maybe?....QS to Humphries, McCollough holds block, great handwork...swing pass to Choice for 1st down....Dump pass to Humphries in flat, Davis at RT, he buried his head and then got shot put to the side...Dive by Choice, Webster at RT now, did ok....JS to Choice, gets ankle tackled, Leggett does ok on edge block....Busted coverage, Cole hits Scott for 6....24-0 Tigers

6th Drive

Cole still in, boot pass to Leggett for 8 yards, Leggett needs to chip blitzers to slow them down to give Cole more time....Wheel route to Leggett for 15 yards....Dive by Gallman, David and Battle don't touch down linemen, loss of 3...Incomplete deep to Humphries...Cole driled by blitzer, should have been picked again.......Draw to Gallman for 9....field goal....27-0 Tigers

7th Drive

Watson back in, screen to Kitt, Seckinger misses block...draw by Watson, Norton and Guillermo get turned around...dropback pass, Watson has great rush avoidance, Scott nice catch, Gore at LT and Webster at RT were the ones who got beat...Dive by Choice, Norton barely blocks his man, gain of 5....ZR by Watson, get's first down.....Quick pitch to Davidson for Touchdown, nice block by Kurt Flemming and McCollough.....34-0 Tigers

8th Drive

Cole back in...Screen to Gallman, McCollough has good initial hit....Cole drilled, should have been picked..Slant to McCollough (A WILD SLANT APPEARS, AMAZING), nice route set up by McCollough, stemmed outside and drove hard inside....Cole sacked, MacClain beat inside from RT and just jumps on Crowders man instead of continuing to wash end down, Crowder gets beat too, appears to maybe be a delayed twist by D.....Deep pass to Kitt, if he goes up with 2 hands its complete..draw by Gallman to end half

9th Drive

Cole starts second half....Swing to Howard, runs hard for 8....PA to Humphries for big gain, nice protection especially Webster....Screen to Peake, Guillermo whiffs on corner or else it's a TD...screen again to Peake ,Davis and Guillermo miss blocks, Peake earholed...slant to Humphries, could've been picked...overthrow to G-Hop in the flats, but no one was open....Draw by Howard, Leggett barely touches end and doesn't impact LB well but Howard outruns them for TD.....41-0 Tigers

10th Drive

JS to Scott, Seckinger gets just enough on LB, Kitt has nice block on CB and Davidson flys downfield and cuts the safety.....Unbalanced line right, took way too long to snap the ball because in this look we go quick snap always and D had enough time to identify and know what was coming, loss of 3....screen to Williams, Norton late out to block, Guillermo whiffs.......Penalty for illegal substitution because McCollough and Scott confused....Extended TrO, 18 pulls down but McCollough misses first 2 threats...Cole does well to get back to LOS....field goal....44-0 Tigers

11th Drive

Watson back in....bullet to Kitt, just a bit too far out in front, incomplete....Draw by Howard for 20 yards, good stalk block by McCollough....Draw again by Howard for 10 yards...Wheel route to McCollough for TD, Kalon at LT got beat outside by late blitzer because he buried his head in on the DT.....51-0 Tigers

PICK SIX PARTY!!! Fun fact, each game we have played against SC State, we have had a pick 6 in the game. Granted only 3 games but hey, still use this to pick up women at the bars. 58-0 Tigers

12th Drive

Watson still in...Dive by Gallman, Maverick Morris in at RT now, END OF THIRD.....START OF FOURTH, rollout pass to Scott for 1st down, nice seal on play by McCollough....draw by Gallman, Eric MacClain gets abused, 8 yard gain....Gallman OZ, Morris with a great push on the end, nice juke and then fight by Gallman, refuses to go out of bounds, I LOVE IT....Dive by Gallman for 8 yards, McCollough has a solid block again....JS to Scott for TD, nice block by Gallman....65-0 Tigers

Ok, this is where I am going to cut off this film review. We did get our first Dr. Schuess sighting of the season and David Olsen even got some action. I even saw a guy in at LT who look like he weighed 240 pounds get in (and it's sad to say that his hand fight was better than some of our 2 deep guys...). And all around good win for our guys and great to get a lot of experience at multiple positions (especially tackle, granted it was still horrifying at times). We added a safety and another TD late by Adam Choice for a final score of 73. Stat padding ahoy.

Player Grades

Again, the grading scale for this is as follows:  All-American performances are defined as 9.5-10, All-ACC from 8-9.5, Solid performances 6-7.9, Average performances 4-5.9, and Hot Seat performances 0-3.9.


There's no one here again, and it would be hard to justify such things against SC State (no offense Bulldog fans). But if Artavis Scott keeps up the pace he started in this game....


Artavis Scott (8.5)- He had some great moves and speed on the jet sweeps and also managed to have a few good blocks when asked to do so. Very nice game and very encouraging.


Jay Jay McCollough (7.5)- He was very good in the passing game and after his touchdown catch, his blocking seemed to improve immensely. Look for Jay Jay to start taking playing time more and more.

Deshaun Watson (7.5)- Taking this one with a grain of salt a bit, he played great but it was SC State. But I was very tempted to put him at All-ACC level...

Wayne Gallman (7.2)-He ran hard and did his best Bruce Willis in Die Hard impression by refusing to die. And by die I mean go down on first contact. He also had a few nice blocks but wasn't asked to block in pass pro much, but more so on fly sweeps. He should be our starter, though.

Kalon Davis, the Guard edition (7.0)-He had one lapse while at guard but other than that was a solid run blocker and held up in pass pro. Didn't seem to have the same fire as from the UGA game though.

Mike Williams (6.9)- No drops this week and was catching the ball with his hands. He had the one long catch early on and ended up with a solid day in limited action. Also made a catch that would cause mothers to force their children to look away.

Charon Peake (6.5)- Didn't get helped by his olinemen failing to get out and block for him on consecutive plays near the goaline but that catch nice.

Adam Choice (6.4)-People said he looked slow and that he lacks that upper gear. Well that may be true, but I'll take a patient running back who will hit the hole and gain 5-6 yards a clip any day of the week and if you don't, then you're an idiot.

D.J. Howard (6.1)- He ran hard and actually was tough to bring down and was reliable in pass pro. I was happy to see that he was running with aggression but still runs with a high pad level.

Germone Hopper (6.0)-While he didn't get a lot of touches or general playing time, I was pleased with what I saw and he blocked much better this game compared to UGA.


Adam Humphries (5.9)-Adam was ole reliable in the passing game but didn't really jump off the film to really get a solid performance. But did his job as asked and scored his first career rushing TD.

Maverick Morris (5.0)- Granted against SC State subs, he was punishing in the run game and solid in the passing game. I'll take it for first game action.

C.J. Davidson (5.0)- In limited time did well and got a TD and had a great block to spring Scott on his 69 yard "catch."

Cole Stoudt (4.5)- Made some good throws and then made some very bad ones that SC State failed to pick. Looked a bit rattled at times and was pressing at others.

Demare Kitt (4.3)- Had a nice catch downfield and was able to work his way open. Just needs to go up with two hands.

Isaiah Battle (4.2)- Missed some assignments again but was good in pass pro this week.

Jay Guillermo (4.0)- Got a solid push in the middle but had a couple of times where he failed to get out and block in space.

Reid Webster (4.0)- Solid push in the middle and was ok in pass pro at guard and tackle. One play he did get whipped though, but I was pleased.

Nick Schuessler (4.0)- Only put here because ALL HAIL DR. SCHUESS. Plus two for two in the game. 100% baby.

Hot Seat

Kurt Flemming (3.9)- Would have been high end of average if he hadn't had the fumbles. He was a good blocker and a punishing runner. Enjoys contact and I enjoy that.

Joe Gore (3.8)-Better but should be versus SC State. Had a few missed assignments and got beat a few times too.

Tyrone Crowder (3.7)- Run blocking was fine. Pass blocking was not.

Kalon Davis, the Tackle (3.6)- Buried his head was too much in pass protection and it got him beat a few times.

David Beasley (3.4)- You could tell that there was rust here and pass blocking was not good at all.

Jordan Leggett (3.2)- Blocked better but then still had the lapses. Had a couple of catches too, one of which in traffic-ish.

Ryan Norton (2.8)- Only showed up on film in negative ways. Yikes.

Stanton Seckinger (2.0)-Struggles to block and didn't do anything in the passing game.

Eric MacClain (1.5)-No words. Only emotions. How could it go so wrong?


Quarterbacks- 5.33, Average (Without Dr. Schuess it's a 6, a solid performance)

Running Backs- 5.72, Average, bordering on solid

Wide Receiver- 5.92, Average, bordering on solid

Tight Ends- 4.23, Average

Offensive Line- 3.85, Hot Seat

TOTAL OFFENSIVE AVERAGE FOR THE SC STATE GAME- 5.18 (Not including the good Doctor)

This is pretty indicative of how we played given opponent, we should move at will and we did. If the offensive line would've got it together, we could have put up even bigger numbers, especially in the running game.