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Things for Clemson Fans to Know About Sanford Stadiums Upgrades

Sanford Stadium has upgraded a few things for this season, so let's see what the Dawgs have done.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Sanford Stadium has obviously added things since we last visited in 2002, but it looks as though they have made changes since last year. Let's see what Tiger fans can expect this year (besides drunk, grown men barking).

Sound System: Apparently, we impressed Georgia last year with our crowd noise and energy in Death Valley. We impressed them so much, that not only did they lobby the SEC to allow music in between plays, but they put in a new sound system to blast music to get their fans pumped. Now, Sanford Stadium can get loud on it's own, but even with this music, I'm going to say it won't be as loud as Clemson last year. Last year was a night game, with Gameday, between 2 top 10 teams that hadn't played in a decade. Even before Florida State last year, I don't think I felt the energy on campus like I did before the UGA game. That was a special night in Death Valley, and I don't think they can replicate it. Especially with it being a 5:00 kickoff, with no Gameday, and less hype. While I'm sure they'll play some standard rap music to get the players and students hyped up, I would not complain if they would play a little Widespread Panic, Drive By Truckers, or R.E.M over the speakers. Athens has some great music.

Concessions: While you can get your standard stadium fare between the hedges, it looks like they've got some pretty good options in the stadium. Subway 6 inchers  and Sonny's BBQ sandwiches seem to be available throughout the stadium, but all of you lucky fans in or near sections 105, 224, 322 can get Chick-fil-A! Okay, I'm actually jealous of this. I'm sure it'll be the most expensive chicken sandwich you've ever bought, but you're eating Chick Fil A while watching the Tigers play. That's a darn good luxury.

Misting tents/Cooling Stations: Gates 7, 10, and the Reed Plaza. You don't even have to fake cramps to get in.

Seatbacks: They cost $8 and are available at customer service areas. Personally, I wouldn't want to give UGA more money than I have to (exception for Chick-fil-A concessions and Coke Zero, because those are necessities), but if you need them, they are there.

That's about all you need to know about the "improvements" they've made at Sanford Stadium. Athens is a pretty fun college town. There are a lot of bars that cater to different people, so you should be able to find one with a crowd that you like. A word of warning about downtown Athens, if you leave a bar, DO NOT bring an alcoholic beverage with you, because they will write you a ticket for open container. Even if there is a trash can right outside and you are going to throw it away, don't do it. Just throw it away inside. I don't know as much about their enforcement on tailgating areas. UGA's website says that alcohol consumption on campus for those of age is allowed, but there are 17 streets that run through campus that are apart of Athens-Clarke Country Government and are under their open container laws, so watch where you go if you are boozing. Other wise, have fun, be safe, and GO TIGERS!!!!