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Howard's Talk: Clemson Football Season Preview

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

We've been teasing this for a few weeks, and I am excited to announce the debut of an STS Podcast, Howard's Talk. We hope for this to become a weekly event breaking down each game as well as looking towards the future. Hopefully we can talk about breaking news, look at recruiting, and everything in between. If we're lucky we may even be able to accept callers and have some fun.

For the first episode I was joined by Metal Tiger to preview the season. We ran through the positions and offered some overall thoughts on the year, possibly even cracked a few jokes. Because football is finally here, we also took some time to talk about the Clemson-UGA game. Finally we answered some reader questions, a big thanks to everyone that asked and we'll probably continue the mailbag as part of the weekly podcast.

To listen in you can click on the player below, or go to this link. We hope to be on iTunes this week at the latest.

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