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Clemson Football Season Preview: An Introduction

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today we are releasing our season preview. It is something the writing staff here at STS has been working on for the past month and I think y'all will enjoy it. Normally a season preview is one article. It is a bit longer, maybe a few videos or images, possibly even some tables with data. Usually a preview will talk about strengths, weaknesses, and looming questions. It is a 30 minute morsel compared to your normal 15 minute bite. Tasty, but still over quickly.

Instead of this we are giving you a full day of previewing Clemson football, one article every hour for the rest of the day. It is an idea I first saw at the SB Nation site for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Behind the Steel Curtain. From there I adapted it to use over at Royal Blue Mersey, and today I’m excited to bring the format over to STS.

What can you expect today? We’ve got position breakdowns for every spot on offense and defense. Quarterbacks, running backs, defensive line, linebackers, and everything in between will be covered. If you don’t know much about that backup linebacker who redshirted last year we are going to give you a little bit of knowledge, perfect for impressing the girls at your tailgate.

And don't worry, we have some X's and O's available as well. We are going to take a top level look at both the offense and defense. Think of a primer on what we can expect from Morris and Venables this year. The staff has also laid out their expectations and predictions for the season. Leave yours and we can all laugh at ourselves in 6 months.

We've also got a big surprise for this evening. A few of y'all have asked for it, and I've wanted to do one for a while. It will be on the site at 10pm EST and it should be worth the wait.

Sit back and stick around, I hope you don't have plans to get any work done today. It is all about Clemson football, only 5 days till kickoff.

Go Tigers!