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Recruiting Notebook: Summer News and Notes Part 1

Here comes a quick fix...

Venzell Boulware Re-emerging?
Venzell Boulware Re-emerging?
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It is past time to unload the notebook, some of these nuggets are pretty dated now but thought I would throw them out regardless. The 'All In' Cookout is on the horizon--we are less than two weeks away.

The last time I posted the remaining spots and targets were becoming fewer and fewer. That is still the case and the numbers crunch is on. Heading into the summer we were hearing about major attrition that was potentially going to happen. At least four, perhaps even five names were being batted around as likely departures. I can't say with any certainty that this is still the case--Maybank and Region, for example were all but gone. Region, in particular, has slimmed down at least 20 pounds (still needs 10-15 more but it is improvement) and could hold his spot. I'm not going to name others until we know they are staying or going (you are free to speculate in the comments).

With that being said a class that could have gone up to 24-25 doesn't really have that luxury anymore, depending on what Dabo ultimately decides to do with these guys.

We also have a late addition to the class as C.J. Fuller pulled an absolute academic miracle and qualified. Not only was he not expected to qualify beforehand, he wasn't expected to make it to prep school with his grades so bad. Kudos to the educators in Easley. Fuller has agreed to take a grayshirt and will be added to next years class. After his disappointing senior year (being a product of the system his junior year) the coaches were fine with him not qualifying or taking a prep year--this isn't exactly what we wanted to have happen in terms of roster management. The number of borderline guys and 5 hearts is becoming ridiculous--we are just punting things down the road right now.

Jae'lon Oglesby is going to prep school, however. He got the needed qualifying exam score (SAT) but it was flagged by the NCAA because it was so much higher than previous scores. He needed to re-take it again and looks prep school bound at Fork Union. This wouldn't be a bad thing because Oglesby needs to get his head straight and priorities in focus (not going to go into details here). Alex Spence might also grayshirt.

Offensive Line:

We are taking one more offensive lineman this cycle and only if it is the right guy. It is a first come, first serve deal with Summerville's Zach Bailey (6'5 315), Matt Burrell Jr. (6'4 305) from Woodbridge, VA, and Brandon Kennedy (6'2 290) from Wetumpka, AL.

Venzell Boulware (6'3 295) from Creekside, GA keeps hanging around as a potential take as well. If you remember, in late 2013 Clemson was pushing hard for Boulware to commit because space was going to be limited. He declined and Clemson has explored all of its options as it should have. However, if none of the above names fall for us we will still take Boulware. He still has us on top from what I hear. Let me be clear he is also not a fall back player--I know he has a commitable offer from Ohio State and he would have been the headliner of the past 3-4 Oline classes. Can play Tackle but could be moved inside if needed. He has a great wingspan and reach for someone 6'3 and the athleticism to pull in our scheme. Boulware entering the picture shows how committed Clemson is to taking one more Olineman this cycle (I just hope we plan to take 3 next year and continue to even out the numbers, we offered).

Zach Bailey got the full court press coming out of Clemson's camp and my information says that we did, in fact, lead if recruiting had ended that day. Our coaches deserve a lot of credit. We did everything we could from one on ones with coaches to surrounding him with Oline recruits and GA's. That is a big jump and very positive but South Carolina coaches are not the idiots they once were and used Bailey being on campus for his grandfather to turn it from a one day visit into multiple days and their own mini-pitch fest. Momentum has swung back in their direction. I would like to say that things are all even right now but I have to give the edge to the Chickens. Bailey hasn't stated officially (or even decided) if he is coming to the cook-out. If he comes I think we have a good shot but if he decided not to I have to consider him a Cock lean.

Burrell is enjoying the recruiting process. He has a lot of schools he has visited and won't come to a decision in the near future. Visits to Ohio State, Penn State, and potential visits to FSU among others have him occupied. We are solidly in his top 10 and probably top 5 but his recruitment will continue. (check out SBNation's recruiting profile for Burrell here, good stuff)

Kennedy, on the other hand, wants to have a decision by the end of summer--if not sooner. Both Alabama and Auburn have offered and those offers are purportedly committable. That will be put to the test this month. Auburn recently picked up another O-line commitment but Kennedy's versatility, he can play Guard or Center, continues to make him attractive. We sit a distant third behind the two in-state schools. Kennedy is also deciding whether he will be at the cookout or not (again ultimately an indication of his interest level).

One name you haven't heard much of lately is OK Guard Josh Woriboko. Woriboko is trying to sell himself as a package deal with his 2016 brother who plays CB. That is unfortunate because Clemson is set on only taking one CB in the class of 2016. This ship has pretty much sailed since they didn't get to campus for summer camp to evaluate the brother.

Quick note that 'The Opening' starts today. Clemson has a lot of players who are invited and participating and this will be a good chance for guys to bond and recruit other players. Olineman Mitch Hyatt and Noah Green, LB Chad Smith, DLineman Austin Bryant and Tim Settle, and WR's Deon Cain, Ray Ray McCloud, and George Campbell.

Part 2 will include updates on Bryant, Settle, Roseboro, and McCloud (among others).