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Eye-Catchers at the Weigh-In

Clemson football players weighed in for the beginning of fall camp Thursday. See which ones posted notable numbers.

Cole Stoudt weighed in at 231 pounds at the beginning of fall camp.
Cole Stoudt weighed in at 231 pounds at the beginning of fall camp.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

August begins tomorrow, and with that beautiful month comes fall camp (and the first game of the season) for Clemson. The Tiger football team had its pre-camp weigh-in Thursday, and while some numbers were as expected, others definitely came as surprises—both pleasant and unpleasant.

First and foremost is Cole Stoudt, who weighed in at 231 pounds—up 20 pounds or so from last season. He certainly had room to grow with his tall frame; let's just hope it's muscle that he has added.

Looking at this list reminds you just how light Clemson's offensive tackles are. Isaiah Battle, Shaq Anthony and Joe Gore clocked in at just 285, 276 and 283 pounds, respectively. Far from ideal.

Tyrone Crowder has worked his way down to a more playable weight at 322.

Jordan Leggett at 251—now the heaviest tight end on the roster—is encouraging. Most expect him to be a critical weapon in the offense this season, and that extra mass should help him absorb hits and become a more formidable blocker, hopefully without sacrficing any of his agility. All the tight ends measured at least 240 pounds.

Wayne Gallman has added some weight at 209, which bodes well for his M.O. of being a physical—even violent—runner. Adam Choice and C.J. Davidson both look stout. Zac Brooks not breaking 200 at this point in his career is a little disconcerting.

As much as I loved watching D.J. Reader blow up interior offensive linemen at around 340 pounds, it's probably to his benefit that he has trimmed down to a svelte 322.

Kellen Jones is looking solid at 233 pounds, and Korie Rogers—wow. As a freshman at 242, if he has added 20-some-odd pounds of muscle (I'll posit that it's all muscle), put that man on the field.

These are just a few of the measurements that caught my eye. Feel free to discuss others.