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Introducing Our New Writing Staff at STS

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

I bring you all fantastic news. After a great response from y'all we've been able to round out the writing staff here at STS. There may be another addition or two in the coming weeks, but this group will be the majority of the staff in the coming months. In addition to QT, Ryan Kantor, Mark Gordon, Calvin Craft, and the other returning members; below is rest of the staff.

I hope you'll join me in welcoming them to the site. Some of them are familiar faces and others are brand new. We have some fantastic plans for the upcoming season and beyond.


My name is Jay Ingles. I graduated from Clemson in 2012 and have covered Clemson sports in one form or another since I was a freshman at the university. I am also a former sports editor of The Tiger student newspaper. I am a lifelong Clemson fan and am looking forward to contributing to STS.

Twitter handle: @JayIngles


Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Flinn. I am currently a student at Clemson University. I first found STS when I searched SB Nation for the Clemson site. Before making the decision to attend Clemson I visited other campuses but after I visited Clemson for the first time I knew right away that this was the place I wanted to be. Ever since I got accepted into Clemson I have been a huge fan and IPTAY supporter of Clemson athletics. I especially enjoy supporting and keeping up with the football, basketball, and baseball programs.

Aside from being a devoted Clemson Tiger fan, I am also a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, and Nashville Predators. I look forward to writing for STS and helping this site reach its full potential. Go Tigers!

Twitter handle: @rwf1994


What's up fellow Tigers!  I'm really looking forward to contributing to Shakin The Southland this year and I want to thank Brian for bringing me aboard. I've been a long time fan of STS and frequent poster here. Therefore, I just want to say that Dr. B and Figure Four's contribution here has been truly awesome. I think that this site has had a more positive impact on Clemson athletics than any other Clemson site and has been a wonderful resource for Clemson fans. Dr. B and FF are irreplaceable in my opinion and they have left a whole lot of slack out there that needs to be picked up. So basically, I'm here to try and pick up some of the slack and to do my best to build on the tradition that was started by them. My goals here as a writer are to be interesting, thought provoking, and to promote discussion while also throwing in a chuckle or two.

I have to say that, right now, I am more than ready to go ahead and get started because football season is coming. We are just 50 days away from a warm evening in Athens where a sea of angry red commoners will gather to chide a collection of orange helmeted knights. It is written that the orange and red have been at war for 117 years, yet, the intensity of disdain between the two remains high. A newly crowned orange leader from a blueblood hereditary line will step forward into formation as the commoners in red will pollute the air with unspeakable sound. An aged man of striped clothing places the spherical token of victory between the two teams and steps a safe distance away from the impending warfare. The orange leader, knowing that he will momentarily become the most sought-after man on the battlefield, bravely screams above the deafening noise for his orange knights to engage the red warriors in combat. And thus, for the next 50 days, the supporters of the orange can only imagine what will happen next. Football season is coming...

Metal Tiger

Hello, you can call me Metal Tiger. I have a fierce passion for anything Clemson and it springs from growing up just a few miles away and spending many Saturdays in Tigertown watching the Tigers play, and this love culminated by joining the faithful ranks of Clemson Alumni as a 2013 graduate. I first got turned onto STS while studying at Clemson after I had heard a professor of mine mention that STS was a true place to get unfiltered Clemson sports news. I visited the site that same day and have since been hooked. I never really posted much in the past (as in I think I have ~4 posts total at this point), but I've read just about everything that has been posted to STS. As a writer, I hope to fulfill any and all needs that you may have, especially when it comes to Tiger football. I am excited to have the opportunity to write here, and to continue the great things that this site was founded on while at the same time moving it into new directions. I guess that's about it, if you have any questions/requests/snide remarks, leave them in the comments below? Sure. Have a good day and go Tigers.


My name is Matt Goldin. I'm a Junior at Clemson. I have been a Tiger fan since birth, with my Dad being an alum. I grew up in Rockmart, Georgia, a small down in Northwest Georgia, not too far from the Alabama-Georgia line and the Tennessee-Georgia line. Being a Clemson fan in an area dominated by UGA, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech fans was definitely and interesting experience. Having always loved Clemson sports, when the opportunity rose for me to write at STS, I had to give it a shot.

I cut my teeth in sports media by doing a weekly article for Peach State College Sports during this past semester. There, I was a Clemson contributor for a site dedicated to college sports. I look forward to writing toward an audience of Clemson fans. My Twitter handle is @MattFGoldin, and I tweet a lot about Clemson sports and sports in general.

Hello there, I'm Mayclore. Most everyone calls me May or 'that idiot'.  I live - and have always - in the upstate of South Carolina, but I can't say I was born a Clemson fan; my earliest memory is the football game against Georgia Tech from the absolutely dreadful 1998 season, so I tend to look at the program with a critical (read: bitterly skeptical) eye. I really didn't start following it closely until the early 2000s. You'll be pleased to know I've always hated the fools in Columbia, however, even if I wasn't always sure why. Hate is fun. I tend to watch all the ACC games I can, not just ours. Even Wake Forest. I need help. I like cats, long walks on the beach, and the thought of Maryland getting utterly obliterated by Ohio State and Michigan.

Twitter handle: @Mayclorian

I'm originally from California but moved to South Carolina at a young age along with my mom who is from here. Most of my family are Clemson fans/alumni/supporters. There are a few oddballs who support the Coots, but I sided with the good guys early on. I originally was a mainstay on "Danny Ford is God," which became "Block C". From there I found "It's pronounced Clempsun, not Clemzzzin," which later became "Shakin The Southland." I was drawn to their honesty, criticism and overall just not being Tigernet. Most people on STS probably see me as overly negative and a "sunshine dumper" but I like to just say I am realistic. I don't wear orange colored glasses or sip the Kool-aid. I'm currently living on the Ohio/Michigan border in heavy Ohio State/Michigan territory.

Thanks to my dad, most of my memories as a sports fan - both good and bad - come from watching the Tigers play. From trying to find the perfect position to see around the stadium rails as a child to celebrating last season's Orange Bowl victory, I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything. In a truly shocking turn of events, I did not end up a Heisman Trophy winner at Clemson, instead following the Tigers from my school in Georgia. At 21, I'd guess I'm one of the younger members of the group here, but I plan to provide the world enough medium-quality Dabo photoshops and weird Clemson jokes to bridge the age gap. On a serious note, Shakin' the Southland has a lot of potential to be a great community for all Clemson fans, and it's really exciting to be involved.

Twitter handle: @andrew_jhoward

My name is Trae Welborn (STS username: WelbornTiger; @WelbornTiger) and I am a Clemson Alum ('05, M '07). I was born in Charleston, SC and grew up in Fernandina Beach, FL (home of Terrance Flagler, Jeff Stockstill, and Rick Stockstill). My father was a 1983 Clemson grad (mechanical engineering) and I was indoctrinated into the Clemson Family early, so my blood has runneth orange for as long as I can remember. My earliest Clemson memory is watching the 1989 Clemson-FSU game at the house of several of my parents' college friends, and "flying" around the yard at halftime imitating Wayne Simmons' 74-yd interception return for a TD. That '89 team (Powerline '89!) remains my (sentimental) favorite. My first football game in person was the 1990 Clemson-UGA game in Death Valley, which the Tigers dominated 34-3. I shared in the frustrations of losing Danny, despising Hatfield, pulling for West, and all of the "close-but-no-cigar" frustrations of the Bowden Era. I believe in the program Dabo has built, but my vision is not so orange-tinted as to cause me to overlook areas where we might still improve as a big-time football program and athletic department. Clemson football is my first love, but I am equally passionate about Tiger baseball, basketball, and soccer, and my only professional sports loyalties are to former Tigers in the pros (so at the moment, I'm mostly a Bills/Cardinals/Texans/Jets, Sixers/Wizards, Rockies/Mariners fan, but my loyalties shift as alums move from team to team).

I'm relatively new to online sports blogging, having never been a contributor before. But I have been a contributor a southern history blog ( so the genre is not completely foreign. I'm really looking forward to working with everyone to make STS a premier (and unvarnished) regular stop for all serious Clemson Tiger fans.

I was a history major at Clemson, and have subsequently finished my PhD in history at UGA (no worries, my time in Athens has only intensified my disdain for the "dawgs"). I always look at Clemson (sports and otherwise) from a historical perspective, and like to contemplate connections and divergences between past and present. I hope to bring some of this historical perspective to STS, focusing on the links between historical moments and contemporary events, to capture the emotional highs and lows of Clemson fandom through the ages. We all share a common bond via our Tigers, and my goal is to capture the essence of that bond, to communicate why we all appear so "obsessed" (as outsiders often allege) with our Tigers and our Alma Mater.