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Official QuackingTiger Statement

I can't quit you...
I can't quit you...
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

So here is my STS statement (you like how I made this official, like a press release or something):

Like many of you, the exit of Dr. B from SBNation was a complete and utter shock to me. It has taken me some time to gather my thoughts and plan my next step forward--still feels like a bad dream. I apologize for my radio silence. Dr. B, to me, was the best writer in the Clemson blogosphere--he knew more about football than any of the beat writers and quite frankly any of the other writers who do this for a living. I encourage anyone who ever doubted that point to read any of his game re-caps, the single best written posts on Clemson period. I owe a lot to Dr. B.

After much deliberation, I am not ready to give up the dream. I don't want to give up what this site has stood for all these years. Clemson athletics, whether it likes it or not, needs a space for intelligent critical voices and discussion. I also have a lot of respect for and faith in Brian. I believe in him and am excited to work with him--he is a big reason why I am continuing.

In my original posting to STS I divided the fanbase into Dabo Zealots, Quackers, and Haters:

I've taken the name of QuackingTiger because of an infamous quote from Dabo where he called out the fans and told them to "quit quacking like a bunch of ducks and quit whining and complaining." Quackers remember the 6-7 record only two seasons ago and are constantly worried about the program taking any steps backward. Quackers enjoy debates and don't mind running their mouths off on occasion. They are mindful of issues like staff scholarship allocation, greyshirts, and are frequently referred to as armchair 'Internet experts.'

I'm not a Hater and I don't think this site is about hating. But I am not going to stop talking about the need to limit 5 heart Dabos? Critically reflect on Charlotte? Accept defeat to our feathered fiends? Absolutely not. I'm going to continue to serve up this STS brand of critical edge and keep delivering insights on recruiting and prospects like I always have.

Do I continue to beat a dead horse on occasion--sure, and we need to be mindful of that (it gets hard not too though when you go from offering one guy a grayshirt to offering 5).  But ultimately, I am going to continue to Quack...

I do this because I love Clemson and I want to see it improve. I also love the community we have built here, I'm not going to give it up without a fight.

So my chip is in the bucket, I'm 'All In' and committed to STS.