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What Do You Want From Shakin' The Southland?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the lack of a real post, but one of the things I wanted to ask our readers before we really kick things off is what you want to see at STS going forward. Everything is on the table. If it is something we've done in the past and you didn't like it or loved it speak up. Something we did but you want more of? Let us know. New idea you would love to see? Make sure you say something now.

It doesn't matter the sport. Tell us if you want more coverage of Olympic sports or more baseball and basketball. I have plenty of ideas for what to do going forward, but I could be going in the completely wrong direction. I'd rather know now rather than in 2 months when everyone is pissed off.

Also if you are still interested in helping to make this coverage happen, shoot me an email at We've had a great response from folks interested in writing already, and anyone still interested is more than welcome to apply. Some of the best sites at SB Nation come from having members of the community step up to become writers. STS has always had an intelligent community, and this is your chance to step up and show it.

Oh and as a treat I'll tease this. Our season preview for football is going to be massive. Think articles all day long, one an hour every hour. I did it for Everton and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I think y'all'll enjoy one for Clemson football just as much.