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Welcome To Devil's Playground

Streeter Lecka

For those that haven't heard, DrB and FigureFour have left STS. Because of this the SB Nation staff asked me to step in as manager and I have accepted.

I want to take a moment to thank both DrB and FigureFour. I think their analysis of football is unrivaled at SB Nation and the site is worse off that they won't be around to provide that analysis. The amount of work both of them put in, especially during football season, is absolutely astounding. They were also able to stay true to their thoughts and never sugarcoated it, something that is rare in any walk of life. I want to say thanks to both of them and I wish them the best both in and out of blogging.

Moving forward, I want to talk about my vision for STS. The first thing I want to promise you all is that we aren't going to censor or compromise our thoughts for any reason. As long as it is information from a reliable source we are going to publish it as well as our thoughts. If we don't like a buyout we are going to say we don't like it and why. The words and tone may change, but we are going to still cover everything.

I also want this to become the place for Clemson news and analysis for every sport. We are all huge football fans, but I want to cover basketball more, baseball, even the sports a lot of folks may not care about like soccer, golf, and everything in between. We all love it when any Clemson program does well, even if it isn't our sport. As part of this we have a new set of community guidelines here. These will help keep everything running smoothly.

We have a new Facebook page and Twitter account. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @STSouthland

From all of you I ask for two things, the first is patience. It will take a few weeks to get everything sorted out, but by August 1st we are going to be hitting the ground running. We have a pretty good football team if you haven't noticed and about 2 months until a rematch against Georgia.

The second thing I ask is for new contributors. I want to build this site with a variety of opinions. We have some fantastic folks on staff, but we are looking for more. Football, basketball, baseball, and everything in between needs more coverage. You don't need to have any experience in sports writing. Most of us are engineers, lawyers, students, and many other things. We do this because we love Clemson and want to write about it. If you are interested or want more information shoot me an email at

Go Tigers!