Tiger Trails to You

We started out as a collection of blogs with a good interface, and that was basically all we were. Back then, when this site had about 30 hits an hour, and 300 in a day, we did it because we loved it. We were upset with everything that was wrong with Clemson, and there was no outlet for us to present it, so to differentiate ourselves from the other news writers, and various sites, that simply tow the line the SID feeds them, we told you the things that they didn't want to talk about and didn't want you to realize. Naturally we've ruffled a lot of feathers, and nobody likes the one who stands in the bully pulpit. We stood here and presented it to you, and judging from the fact that we were over 3000 hits an hour on some days, you liked it too. We fostered an atmosphere wherein you could say what you wanted without being shouted down by those who believed everything Clemson told them, and i'm proud to say that aside from a few bad apples, our comment section never approached the trailer park that is the TigerBoard.

For quite some time now; however, SBNation has pushed us towards becoming more like the media and less like bloggers, without the pay that comes for being media. I basically make enough from this site to pay a Cable bill, thats it. I just continued to do it because I like it, as do the rest of us. They want 2-3 posts a day of garbage and nonsense, even simple link dumps to make you come back. They want community posts where I write about the topics they provide, most of which sucked, at least in my eyes. I refused to do so because I believe we are held to a certain standard of analysis, and regurgitating quotes or printing Clemson's press releases and printing fluff articles is not something I care for doing. So we rarely hit more than 1 or 2 posts a day on average. They of course do not approve, yet won't do anything to help retain good writers. They want a Cadillac for Kia money.

For quite some time now, I have been unhappy with the direction that SBNation has pushed us, and frankly have grown tired of the pressure to post constantly. I'd much rather play golf and post when I feel like it, and so would FigureFour to my knowledge.

Effective today, I am stepping down as Site Manager, and others will be leaving as well. I may take my analysis elsewhere and do it for fun instead of corporate bullshit and excuses that I have to put up with here.

I thank you all for making STS a good site, maybe you'll hear from us again sometime.

These opinions are not necessarily those of the Proprietors of Shakin' The Southland.