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Summer Solstice Sunday Thoughts

I am not gonna lie to you, I have very little to discuss today other than my own musings.  The O'Bannon issue continues to rage.  As we move deeper and deeper into this topic it appears to me that there will be more and more of a divide between the big 65 teams and the rest of the universities.  Schools will have the ability to better compensate players and that will create the divide.  I will say that the NCAA should get ahead of this thing and allow schools to give their players a $100 to $200 per month stipend and expand medical care they can get.  It's gonna happen eventually, this just leaves you with the question of how to deal with the players who played in years past.  I completely understand that there are very mediocre teams out there who pay players much more than the amount listed above (yes, I am looking directly at you Mississippi), but think once you get a number out there, tie it to an inflationary index, you are done moving forward.  This will piss a bunch of people off but I don't see any way around it.

The really big news is that Tiger will be returning next week at Congressional.  I have no clue what to expect, only that I respect Tiger for not fucking around and going balls in with the big boys.  Dude is the best golfer of our generation.  If what I've heard is correct, he will either come back and kick ass quickly or will plod along until he turns 50.  I think the overall talent on the PGA Tour is much better today than it was 15 years ago when Tiger ruled the world but I also think that Tiger Woods at his career best is much better than  anyone we see week in and week out today.  It will be very interesting to see where Tiger's golf game is come The Open Championship.

Speaking of playing golf, I went ahead and bought myself about the baddest pull cart I could find.  I typically carry my golf clubs and have no problems doing such.  A couple years ago I purchased a cheap pull cart just to see if it was worth it.  It was but when it was cooler out I chose to carry the clubs and when it was hot out, I'd use a cart because the pull cart was so poorly designed it was more of a pain in the ass than it was worth.  Also, you can't put a 12 pack on the simple pull cart.  The new cart should be bad ass.  Clearly designed for a better golfer than me, this bad boy features a drink holder and looks steady enough to encourage me to get out on the golf course even more than I do now.

Otherwise, I am working on a reader request to discuss Coach Danny Ford and tell stories about how badass Coach Ford really is and why we put him on a mile-high pedestal.  If there is anything else you want us to look at, now is a good time to make the request. We really appreciate the feedback.

I'll go ahead and give you the PANIC attack you've probably been waiting for.  Today's is "Ride me High."  Yes, I chose a clip that doesn't focus on John Bell using his signature sound but does show Jimmy Herring bringing things back to polish off the tune.  There is a lot of general jam early on, more than I would usually post.  However, the video quality is pretty damn good so skip to 5:45 if you don't care to hear all the jam intro.

I saw WSP a couple weeks ago and will catch them this fall when they come back to the Southeast.  I'll tell you, the energy is still there and their show is polished to a shine.  I'd encourage everyone to catch one of these shows because it is easily the best show you'll see this summer/fall.